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Full Version: Go on admit what you hate about your own kind
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Ill start (from another thread)

I actually HATE being near my own kind, they are a bunch of fuckwits that know nothing about anything except drinking, boxing, rugby and fuck all else.
We are also an extremely ugly race of people, being around my own kind gives me the hebby jeebez cause its like looking into a mirror, I don’t need that shit. Flat abo nose, fat afro lips with a tiny microepenis.

Life fucking sucks being an ugly low IQ, awkward, violent Indo Fijian piece of shit. The only wife I could find is from a region of South Korea that they wish to cede to the north.
I wish I was born a black jewish lesbian with a clubbed left foot.
I wouldn't know what to say. I haven't found anybody like me, or my kind. I believe I'm an eagle, a lone wolf, yet otter-like in many ways. Very sociable and exciteable, yet joining no one unless my power is guaranteed. I'm like a Ronin, who gets no child support.

Rise my unknown brethren, RISE
I am not self loathing, but I have a lot of shit to say about Koreans. Lmao!!

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you should not hate who you are.

a lot of this is shaped by media representations.
Dude you are complaining about micropenis, and so you introduced Korean genes into your children.

I don't think that is a winning strategy.


Who knows there might be some hybrid vigor going on, so wtv.

If you trust the condom manufacturers, racial differences in size are not as large as you think. Flaccid size is a very poor indicator (according to most urologists). People, esp. young white American men, actually believe 99% of the BS they see in porn. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

This is the last time I will ever talk about cawks on this forum so fuck you gae seki for bringing it up.

Either way, be proud of who you are.... at least you can fight and play rugby unlike the soft ass, weak, starcraft addicted,effeminate flower boys from this generation of Korean youth! FML

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I dont like the smell of tacos, the taste of refried beans, the back kick of a angry burro, the heat of the mid day sun, the sounds of a Mariachi band or the sight of a unmowed lawn.

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The micro-penis remark was a joke, im actually quite proud of my handsome think veiny penis

I more getting at what you hate about people of your ethnicity. The other one I hate is the gossiping my parent's culture "Does"

Then there is the fucking guilt tripping....

I mean for fuck sake when I told my mum I didnt want to go to Uni (which I ended up doing) she spent the entire day on her "death bed" until I promised to go!

I had to fucking KNEEL next to the bed and promise for fucking fuck's sakes!

(05-28-2013 05:29 PM)superCalo Wrote: [ -> ]I dont like the smell of tacos, the taste of refried beans, the back kick of a angry burro, the heat of the mid day sun, the sounds of a Mariachi band or the sight of a unmowed lawn.

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Is your momma descended from the Lascars?

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Nah man my mum's family came to Fiji late in the game via South Africa and are 40% Melanesian apprx obviously.


ah you assume darkies dont care about education, remember the wiki page I linked about my uncle? He sat on the UN War Crimes commission so Id say we have a few educated folk in my heritage.
No no no a lot of darkies value education, especially Caribbean blacks and the dark skinned Hindooos.

That lascar story just made me laugh, which is why I had to ask.

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The jury is still out on the Lascars, they make those claims but many of us think that they are just Catholic South Indians from Goa.

Now your time to share Attack Tactic name 5 things you HATE about South Korean middle aged women...
Middle aged Korean women have honor, strength, and pride.

They worked like dogs for the benefit of their children, who, by and large, are ungrateful scoundrels.

And unlike the females of our generation, they actually knew how to COOK and raise kids. Well they ended up fucked up anyway, but that's not really their fault, but the consequences of rapid cultural change.

But if you want me to name 5 negative characteristics, here goes:

1) Extreme, country bumpkin rudeness (e.g. kimchi farts in public, cutting lines, singing loudly while hiking up the mountain, etc.)

2) Pushiness and mule-like stubbornness

3) LOUD and SHRILLNESS if they refuse to get their way (this is a character of the Korean female that will never go away, if you ask me I think it's hereditary! fml)

4) Can't dress worth a shit, WTF are those clashing colors? Leopard print shirt and baggy, muslin brown trousers?

5) INSIST that you gorge on everything if you ever stay over for dinner at their houses, no matter who you are, you'd better consume four or five extra dishes before the hour is over or they will turn on you like a rhinoceros in heat.
"Kimchee farts in public"

Not sure why that had me laughing a lot

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the great mystery of korean women is why their voices drop half an octave during their 30's.

they get this very low troll type of voice.
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