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Full Version: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
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So they take care to store all those rocks in a clean lab but the video tapes and telemetry data were thrown into a janitorial closet and "lost"?

This is LOL BS level stuff.
for reference:

The tunnel to dock with the Command Module, and the little door (friggin tiny) to exit it from are easily the two biggest give aways there.

The tunnel to dock with the Command Module is BS because a metal connecting piece from the one module to the other has to go in there (the name is not coming to me, but rest assured I will update when it does).

The next biggest would be that they had no redundancy. The Soviet model of their lander had two ASCENT engines, in case something with wrong with one of them. NASA just wasn't worried about that possibility for some reason.

The ascent engine on the LEM was also the one that used hypergolic fuel (ignites chemically upon the two components being mixed), but as a result was non-throttleable, and also ungimballed! So all attitude adjustments had to come from the RCS (little jets situated around the LEM). That also means they used separate fuel.
lots of damage control vids coming out recently:

We're still waiting for Redneck's contribution to this thread, a year after its inception!

C'mon, man! Clock is ticking. 50th anniversary coming up fast!

Free speech sites seem to be about 50/50 or 60/40 in terms of accepting the Moon landings as a hoax. Some sites are much more 'woke' than others in this regard. I guess it depends on if the target audience has more Boomers, or Zoomers (who haven't yet been exposed to as much info on the topic).

Those who weren't alive at the time, and are older than say 25, seem to reject it fairly unanimously.
Magazines about the 50th Anniversary everywhere in the USSA


seriously the longer it takes to go "back" the more of a joke it looks

You don't go from landing on alien planets to just hanging out 150-200 miles above earth
(07-13-2019 11:16 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]Magazines about the 50th Anniversary everywhere in the USSA


seriously the longer it takes to go "back" the more of a joke it looks

You don't go from landing on alien planets to just hanging out 150-200 miles above earth

Why don't they air the missions in full on television, I wonder? Why settle for just reprinting the photos?

Maybe because Kubrick's photos were so beautifully staged, and most of the giveaways come from the video footage (which was, to be fair, utilizing cutting edge SFX of the time).

I mean, go back and take a look at the first person Moon buggie footage. That shit must have kept Kubrick and Douglas Trumbull up at night for weeks, before they realized they could use a scaled down remote control car.

And what do you know, just like how metal halide floodlights were first being used at that time, and wire work was in its infancy, so too is this the case for remote control cars! 1966, seems to be the date they debuted commercially (so they existed not just in the imagination at that time, but were beginning to be widely known) and were first sold, where else, in England!

[Image: 80-brit1966_ferrari_250_lm_flyslot_94a12...40cb46.jpg]
cool post CR

let's not forget that Neil Armstrong was handing out FAKE MOON ROCKS to european royalty!
Just to save those new to the thread the effort, (although, come on, this entire thread is worth reading) I will post no more than two images, and blow Apollo out of the water.

[Image: Hadley-Rille-Apollo-15.jpg]

Look to the left of the astronaut. Sure is interesting how the hill appears to go STRAIGHT UP, no? Almost like an image has been projected onto... A screen?

[Image: hawaii12.jpg]

[Image: 145229744061981452297817.jpg]

And how has this not been scrubbed, memory holed, I couldn't tell ya. But uhhh.... Is that a tripod in the reflection of the astronaut's visor? You will have to 'Zoom, zoom, enhance' because the higher res versions of this one DO seem to have disappeared (or at least can't be found readily).
In the second photo, what is that contraption he's standing next to, meant to be?

I assume that it's supposed to be some sort of a communication tower, but it looks like it was built with scrap from a junkyard.

Quote:Chaos Reigns -

We're still waiting for Redneck's contribution to this thread, a year after its inception!

C'mon, man! Clock is ticking. 50th anniversary coming up fast!

You mean the Freemason and Nazi stuff? I'd actually forgotten that I said I would elaborate on it, lol. I had to go back through this thread to find what you were referring to. I'll add some stuff this week.
i'm assuming it's not a tripod but just an effect of a fisheye lens effect from the mirrored helmet
Buzz Aldrin was a 32 degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, and he supposedly took a Masonic flag with him to the Moon.

This is the actual flag.

[Image: 631491384.webp?mw=1700&mh=956&q=70]

Here is Buzz presenting the flag to Scottish Rite Grand Commander Luther Smith when he "returned".

[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-08-29-at-10.40.26-AM.png]

And there are numerous photos of Buzz blatantly flaunting a Masonic ring in photos from the mission.

[Image: 369e3911eae5fd79ee371eb0a6572a58.jpg]

In Buzz Aldrin's autobiography called Men From Earth, he describes a
"small religious offering" he made a short time after landing on the Moon:

Quote:"During the first idle moment in the LM before eating our snack, I reached into my
personal preference kit and pulled out two small packages which had been specially prepared
at my request. One contained a small amount of wine, the other a small wafer. With them and
a small chalice from the kit, I took communion on the Moon, reading to myself from a
small card I carried on which I had written the portion of the Book of John used in the
traditional communion ceremony."

This event took place exactly 33 minutes after the official landing time.

The communion ceremony, can trace it's roots back to Ancient Egypt, and it was originally an offering to the god Osiris.

The chosen date for the "Moon landing" is very significant in Freemasonry. In both Masonic and Ancient Egyptian religion, July 20 is the date of the annual inundation of the Nile Valley, marked by the "helical rising" of the star Sirius (A symbol for Isis) around the estimated time of the building of the Pyramids at Giza-2500 BC. July 20 was also the date of the Ancient Egyptian New Year, and it also symbolised the return of Isis from her period of exile with her son Horus.

Ancient Astronomy expert Dr Ed Krupp notes:

Quote:"After disappearing from the night sky (for seventy days), Sirius eventually reappears in
the dawn, before the sun comes up. The first time this occurs each year is called the star's
heliacal rising, and on this day Sirius remains visible for only a short time before the sky
gets too bright to see it. In ancient Egypt, this annual reappearance of Sirius fell close to the
summer solstice and coincided with the time of the Nile's inundation. Isis, as Sirius, was the
'Mistress of the Year's Beginning,' for the Egyptian new year was set by this event. New
Year's ceremony texts at Dendera say Isis coaxes out the Nile and causes it to swell. The
metaphor is astronomical, hydraulic and sexual, and it parallels the function of Isis in the
myth. Sirius revives the Nile just as Isis revives Osiris. Her time in hiding from Seth is
when Sirius is gone (seventy days) from the night sky. She (Isis) gives birth to her son Horus,
as Sirius gives birth to the New Year, and in the texts Horus and the New Year are equated.
She is the vehicle for renewal of life and order. Shining for a moment, one morning in
summer, she stimulates the Nile and starts the year."

When Aldrin made his offering 33 minutes after landing, Sirius would have been above him in the sky at 19.5 degrees latitude, this translates to 3,3 in the Schlafli system of scientific calculations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_Schl%C3%A4fli

The first rocket tests were conducted by Von Braun at 'Launch complex 33"

The name of the sole runway/landing strip at Cape Canaverel was "Runway 33".

The Apollo 11 LEM was named 'The Eagle', which was appropriate considering the Double Headed Eagle on Aldrin's flag.

Richard Coombes the author of America, the Babylon states that "NASA" is an
ancient Hebrew word, meaning literally "to lift up (unto) heaven."

Jay Weidner, claims that "NASA" translates in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as the names of key members of the Egyptian divine

Quote:"Nephtys, Ausir, Set and Aset": the sister of Isis, "Nephtys"; Osiris, "Ausir"; Osiris'
brother, "Set"; and Isis herself, as "Aset."

The original Apollo 11 patch shows the constellation Orion, believed by many researchers to symbolise Osiris. Apollo is the greek name for the God Horus.

[Image: 220px-Apollo_program.svg.png]

The revised Apollo 11 patch shows the Eagle, or the Phoenix, as Manly P. Hall will tell you.

Of the 12 astronauts who allegedly went to the Moon, 4 are known Scottish Rite Freemasons. Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard are both suspected to be, but it has never been confirmed, although Armstrong's father was definitely one. It's also significant that the total number of Moon astronauts is 12, this is the number that is recurring in the Bible, from the 12 tribes of Israel to the 12 apostles and is believed by many researchers to be an astro-theological reference. 12 is also the number of Egyptian Gods in the divine pantheon.

An odd appointment was made by NASA of Dr. Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian geologist who was hired to tutor the Apollo astronauts on "Lunar Planetology" and he became very involved with the Apollo 11 astronauts. Oddly, El-Baz was given the job of deciding where the landing spots would be for the Apollo missions. El-Baz was the person who selected the landing
sites, controlled the dissemination and analysis of all the photography, and directly managed and oversaw the astronauts' "geological training", preparing them for what they would actually observe on the lunar surface. This made him the most powerful person in the space program.

But there was more to El-Baz than we were told, El-Baz's father was an expert in Egyptian religions including the stellar religions of the ancients. El-Baz was referred to as "The King" by the astronauts he trained which literally means "Pharaoh" in Egyptian.

[Image: 30793748_1.jpg?v=8D5ECDF21366BB0]
devastating info, thanks prof! Never seen the last pic you posted
(07-15-2019 08:55 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]devastating info, thanks prof! Never seen the last pic you posted

It's an interesting picture and he's an interesting character. His appointment was highly protested and contested at the time. Even President Nixon's son who was a geologist protested it, but EL-Baz was still given the job.

I'm just getting warmed up, could probably fill the next two pages with stuff but I was hesitant to post because none of it is directly about the Moon Landing Hoax, it's about the people who were in charge at NASA during those years. That's why I keep saying 'when they landed on the Moon', not because I believe it, but that is the narrative that these people were promoting, so they are all acting as if it was real. Right down to the timing of rituals, and the symbolism of the numbers (numerology) and the star's positions at the time (astrology).

None of it gives any weight to the hoax theory, apart from seeing the type of mentality that was driving the whole thing.
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