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Full Version: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
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I don't even know what counts as a breakthrough in this any more, because we have put this to bed.

But one of the lingering questions for me had to do with the Bond film, Diamonds are Forever, which was written by two dudes, Richard Maibaum and Tom Mankiewicz.

"[Maibaum] He did an early draft of Diamonds Are Forever (1971), then the producers wanted an American writer and hired Tom Mankiewicz to rework it. "

So it could have been one of the two that had connections, but all signs point to it being Mankiewicz. Well...

I just found out a little bit more. Tom Mankiewicz was the son of Joe Mankiewicz, who directed Cleopatra, famously. Tom was the uncle of... Frank Mankiewicz.

Frank.... This guy was working for RFK when he was assassinated, and famously announced his death to the world. And he also worked with... Thomas Braden. One of the founding members of the CIA!

"After the assassination in Los Angeles of his friend Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign, Braden returned to Washington and became a popular newspaper columnist in partnership with Kennedy's press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz. He also became a prominent political commentator on radio and television. "

"Braden was reported to be an integral part in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's effort in the 1950s to build anti-communist sentiment domestically and internationally"

Thomas Braden is also infamous for an interview he did with Larry MacDonald, not long before Larry's plane was shot down 'by the Commies'.

" the CIA made the leap toward recruiting disaffected anti-Soviet ex-communists, especially in the international labor unions. Thus, from 1951 to 1954, the CIA provided $1 million a year, through Braden, to Irving Brown, a moderate Labor leader, and eventually recruited as a CIA officer Jay Lovestone, a noted former communist ,[8] helping him financially to run his network with $1.6 million in 1954 "

Ex-communists! Ha! Hahahaha

"Braden was reported to be an integral part in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's effort in the 1950s to build anti-communist sentiment domestically and internationally"

"Braden left the CIA in November 1954 and became owner of the Oceanside, California, newspaper The Blade-Tribune, which he bought with a loan from his friend Nelson Rockefeller."

There is no such thing as former CIA. It is like saying you are a former member of the Mafia.
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(03-27-2019 06:15 AM)The Anti-Archon Wrote: [ -> ][Image: pqE2D6F.jpg]

"Braden was reported to be an integral part in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's effort in the 1950s to build anti-communist sentiment domestically and internationally"

Operation Mockingbird was complete CIA control of the US MSM. Every editor in the country was in their employ.

So to call it an effort to 'build anti-Communist sentiment' is hilariously misleading.
oh boy..


[Image: timeline_memorystorage_1969.agcmemory.jpg]

If these 'ropes' are touching one another, unprotected, how they can send electrical signals? They can, but they will generate false signals by running current through the other wires that are touching, as well!

"Software written by MIT programmers was woven into core rope memory by female workers in factories. Some programmers nicknamed the finished product LOL memory, for Little Old Lady memory"

And this was one of the main programmers:

[Image: NASA-APollo-1080x581.png]

Glasses and thick textbooks, check! Pretty smile, as far as computer scientist goes? Check. Dissheveled hair expected of a 'genius mad scientist'? Check.

[Image: Apollo_guidiance_computer_ferrit_core_memory.jpg]

I know there is a detailed critical analysis on Aulis regarding this. Didn't want to just plagiarize their work, but it is there, if anyone is interested in the nitty gritty of why this approach to computing (core rope memory) WENT NOWHERE. It is one of those things that works in a textbook, but when it is not possible to actually give the wires the hypothetical 1mm of space they need it fails.
like the lunar module, it looks like a high school science project


LOL Memory. I heard it only works with an LMAO Processor and a ROFL graphics card.

Seriously, I think NASA is just a big old social engineering/global mind control outfit. Jack Parsons gave them the ability to fire cool looking rockets (ones that don't work in a vacuum, mind you) and they just smoke and mirrored the rest of it.

Lately, the only shit I see in the MSM about the Apollo missions is some SJW "women were programmers" and "black women are awesome" Hidden Figures bullshit. Never a mention about how THEY FUCKING LOST ALL OF THE ORIGINAL TELEVISION FOOTAGE.

That's some fucking LOL Memory for you.
not only did they lose the original footage, they lost all the telemetry data.. the records that could actually prove quantitatively that they went to the moon.

also the BLUEPRINTS for the Lunar Module and Saturn V have gone missing, with only bits and pieces recovered over the years.

mankind's greatest technological achievement and you lose the data and blueprints? Who believes this shit?

and why is China still fiddling with lunar robots in 2019? Is China 50 years behind US in technology?

All I'm reading in the press is that China is beating the world with AI and robotics ... yet with the moon landing they cannot even beat SLIDE RULE TECHNOLOGY?

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(04-12-2019 06:56 AM)jho Wrote: [ -> ]R.I.P. to the six million astronauts

Beresheet: Israel spacecraft crashes during historic moon landing attempt, SpaceIL support team says

*sad trumpet*

Turns out it is not so easy to land on the Moon, never mind rendezvous in lunar orbit and return from it safely!
OrdoAbChao, this town isn't big enough for the two of us!
landing a probe was done in the 1960s with a near 100% success rate

how can such a high tech nation fail at this 60 years later?

why are we still FIDDLING with lunar orbiters when we have physically LANDED MEN ON THE MOON?

why are we hanging out around LOW EARTH ORBIT when we have gone 600x that DISTANCE RELIABLY several times?
They just use the 60s playbook over and over again.

Tell people we are 5 years away.

Difference being, in the 60s they had to produce something. The Apollo Program was the culmination of SO MUCH predictive programming.

People 'wanted to believe'. That really is all there is to it. Of course their production values were pretty good, except for Apollo 11 and 12. Even now you will get some people that think only Apollo 11 was faked, the others were real.

Or the 'secret space program' dupes. More "I want to believe" ****.
what's hilarious is.. OK you don't want to send men back

so why don't they remotely land some HUGE LUNAR MODULES on the moon like they did oh so easily back in the 60s and 70s?

show us how that high school science project looking concoction can land on the moon.. without men?

why mess with tiny landers?

land the big one!

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