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Full Version: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
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Japan's photos from the Kayuga orbiter look more more realistic.
[Image: jaxa-moon.jpg]
Have we proved the Moon Landing Hoax enough to unpin this topic?
No! Pin it forever! Big Grin

"February 27, 2017 / 2:12 PM / 2 years ago
SpaceX to send first paying tourists around moon next year
Irene Klotz

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - SpaceX plans to launch two paying passengers on a tourist trip around the moon next year using a spaceship under development for NASA astronauts and a heavy-lift rocket yet to be flown, the launch company announced on Monday."

This shit is always 1 year away, isn't it? Even though this is just AROUND the Moon, not even to the surface and back!

From June 2018:

"A new timetable for the flight—now postponed until at least mid-2019 and likely longer—hasn’t been released by Space Exploration Technologies Corp., the formal name of the closely held company.

Over the weekend, company spokesman James Gleeson confirmed the private moon launch has been postponed, without indicating when it might occur. “SpaceX is still planning to fly private individuals around the moon and there is growing interest from many customers,” Mr. Gleeson said in an email."

So in 2017 it was scheduled for 2018. In 2018 it was scheduled for 2019. And this year, who wants to bet it will be postponed to 2020?

Why??? Because it is difficult, and... Unprecedented!
Looks like they already pushed it back to...


GWB said by 2017 MEN would be on the MOON
this japanese dude is wasting his money

lol @ a lunar fly by with MEN by 2023.

we are still fiddling with LUNAR ORBITERS and ROBOTS in 2019

[Image: ntMW5e6kEJQhPLX5CEREad-970-80.jpg]
This is the real legacy of the Apollo Program. Make it look easy to get to the Moon, so that when we try to go for real, it is depressingly difficult. They need to get people hyped about it, so they perpetually tell us it is just around the corner, but all they succeed in doing, is making themselves look like idiots.

Because we have deceived ourselves, that it has been done before, and with 60s technology, and in less than what, 6, 7 years from announcing the plan, to pulling it off.

How come Russia has still not managed to land a man on the Moon? Or even orbit the Moon?

Or China?

Or Japan?

Or an alliance of various nations (if cost is the concern, as we hear so often).
according to the nut jobs...

Russia would never build a cellphone since the US already built one

Russia would never build a car since the US already built one

if someone else did it first.. nobody would follow the feat


if someone climbs everest once.. nobody would follow and do it again

100% ridiculous. If it was done once, human nature is to repeat to death.- Even commercialize it.
and on that note--- Where are the good footage from the china landing?? WTF??
and also

white people

do white people just do things once and stop?

they are progressive and possess an insatiable drive to "INNOVATE" and "EXPAND UPON"

do white people go... Hey.. this is enough, it's all good. let's top here and do something else.

Nope. they keep on going.. like the energizer bunny.. they don't stop until it all stops
i was rewatching 2001 and it reinforces the idea that Kubrick filmed the Apollo landing missions

the attention to detail in 2001 was ridiculous. where did he get the RESOURCES to make a film like that? a non commercial viable film with extreme attention to detail. In addition NASA's resources were prob indispensable to the realism of the movie.

people need to watch 2001.. even movies today can't match it for realism and authenticity
this is the film that supposedly influenced 2001 a space odyssey.. a clumsy japanese sci-fi

lol the sequel made like 15 years later looks far worse.. a testament to Kubrick and or Nasa's tech assistance? hmm

Good video for about 24-25 minutes. Then it starts to go 'flat earth' nonsense.

The sad thing is... Flat earth videos are the ones that repeat things over and over again. Not debunking what they are saying about ISS footage. Clearly some of that has been faked. But it is not enough to say that because some of it was faked, all of it was faked, or that therefore the ISS is fake, or the Earth is flat.

With the Moon footage, you CAN say "why fake ANY of it". But that just proves that the Moon landing was hoaxed, not that the Earth is flat!

Could be they don't want to show people real operational details of the ISS? Or they don't send people up there as frequently as they say (due to dangers of space radiation).

Any way, even if all footage on board the ISS is faked, it still wouldn't mean the Earth is flat. Just that NASA is a bunch of cheapskates, and their funds are probably being repurposed by the MIC.
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