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Full Version: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
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Oh shit son. And this time its not a bunch of flat earthers, but the reigning 3 ball king, 3 time NBA Champion, Steph Curry!

LOL, hilarious how NASA can act all smug until a high profile BALLER says something. Yeah sure, people have been calling it a hoax for decades, but now they have to address it all of a sudden?

Hint to Steph: Moon rocks are not proof of MEN on the Moon. You can retrieve lunar meteorites from deserts, from the Arctic, from Antarctica (where most of em come from, courtesy of Werner von Braun), or you can retrieve them with an UNMANNED PROBE.

Make sure you ask them what rocket they are going to use to get men 'back' to the Moon, Steph, and why they discontinued the Saturn V. Also ask them how they solved those pesky 'Pogo oscillations' LOL
This bit of controversy triggered by the basketball star didn’t seem genuine to me.

NBA players have a history of being used as consipiratards in order to get blasted publicly therefore the official stories get to be reinforced and legitimized via ad hominem public shaming.

Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green publicly pushed for Flat earth to be laughed at, then later retracted and explained that they were just making a point.

Now with the most popular basketball star today, having zero prior controversies, he suddenly makes an unnecessary opinion public? Especially after his teammates and friends were ridiculed for flat earth? And immediately the next headline is NASA giving him a tour to educate him?

Me thinks it’s staged. That’s part of their service for getting paid $40mil per year as a public figure.

And voila, he wasted no time to sweep in a “damage control” by saying it’s a joke and 1000% going to NASA to educate himself.

Quote:One thousand percent. Obviously I was joking when I was talking on the podcast. [Then] I was silently protesting how stupid it was that people actually took that quote and made it law as, 'Oh my God, he's a fake-moon-landing truther,' whatever you want to call it, yada, yada, yada
[Image: Black+science+guy+bill+bill+bill+bill_96...051674.jpg]

Yep, pretty much serves to show how public shaming can bring anyone's publicly stated beliefs back to conformity with the (stated) beliefs of the masses.

What is next, Steph Curry will say he thinks Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the lone gunman in the JFK assassination?
Alright, after a bit of a hiatus we are back and better than ever...

Nothing to see here, right? Just your ordinary hotel floor.

[Image: 23wsbkm.jpg]

[Image: lmbig.gif]

Or is it? Circle with 4 pentagon shapes around it? Looks an awful lot like the profile of the infamous Apollo Lunar Lander, doesn't it?

[Image: rktrflght.gif]

My, look at that powered ascent stage. How the rocket lifts straight up, then adjusts its trajectory, slightly at first, to start heading towards the horizon. Gee, that sure is important, both for the rocket to start with a vertical trajectory, and then to tilt ever so slightly to the right (if you are facing north).

I don't know of any other Kubrick film where he decides to list himself twice in the credits SIMULTANEOUSLY like this. But hey, maybe it is just something he does. Also, it has to do with screen formatting, but nonetheless he lists himself back to back in the credits at this very moment. This ordinary moment, in the intro of the film, or is there a message?

[Image: 309ploo.jpg]
[Image: id4qvt.jpg]

We discussed this one already.

[Image: 38ed10f463f81853909c5fdb9791b1b7.jpg]

The staircase in the back, and the path up the mountain in the tarot, is what sealed this one for me. Before I even realized the bit about 'reflected light' and the 'wild dog' and 'tame dog', that is even represented in the scene that follows, itself!
[Image: shining_twins.jpg]

Pretty obvious Gemini reference. Well... Guess what, the first Apollo Crew was supposed to include Gus Grissom and Ed White (and Roger Chaffee). All were more illustrious, charismatic, principled, and proven, than Armstrong, Buzz and Michael Collins (who were also all a part of the Gemini Project).

Dead in the Apollo 1 fire. (it was only called Apollo 1 after the fact, but nonetheless, they were the selected crew for the first manned Moon landing)

People say the wall paper resembles the ? mark symbol. Not sure if that is significant, but a sure sign of the subconscious level Kubrick was working on, at this time. ZZZ and ??? in the background, got to love it.
[Image: giphy.gif]
China has just launched a moon robot to the dark side of the moon... landing tomorrow!
why is the footage so lousy?
(01-08-2019 06:46 AM)billsuperfootwallace Wrote: [ -> ]why is the footage so lousy?

I haven't seen enough footage from this mission to say if it is fake or real, but keep in mind one can't simply compare it to Apollo, say the footage is low quality, and therefore it is fake.

It could be that to transmit it quickly they are taking low res pics. Or it could be fake, and less details means less chance of being called on it.
thanks for the breakdown. I also wonder why there isnt more footage?
(01-08-2019 12:32 PM)billsuperfootwallace Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the breakdown. I also wonder why there isnt more footage?

I did a FotoForensic analysis, briefly, on the pic EY posted, and uhh... It was not promising.

Could mean they Photoshopped it, from an original, or could mean it is Photoshopped, period. Some strange stuff came up in the horizon (like it was selected, and turned pure black) and also looked like the pic was lit using a spotlight. Maybe they have a spotlight on the probe, not impossible.
agree with superfoot.

Where is the extensive footage?? I feel like China would be less likely to do a coverup like the U.S. Very strange.
Sorry for the large size, but it helps for my purposes this time.

Looking at the reflection in the astronaut's helmet, anyone want to tell me what you SHOULD see reflected? Any one want to offer up what they ACTUALLY see reflected? Can't believe this pic hasn't been scrubbed from existence, honestly.

[Image: apollo-12-astronaut-pete-conrad-meets-up...p;amp;q=75]
i am really starting think due to the lousy footage from the china moon landing- We cannot go to the moon, not because of technology but we can't get pass the van allen radiation belt or things are not as they appear - like the flat earth people believe.
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