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Full Version: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
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i don't buy the BS that he didn't like the limelight, hence he was reclusive

he wouldn't have taken the job if he didnt' like the limelight

he has the look of extreme guilt when he should be proud as hell about being the first human to land on an alien planet
He looks guilty as fuk and is weighted down for hiding something for so long

non- J weidner doc regarding shining and kubrick
I have seen The Shining Code 2.0 and it is pretty fantastic. But there is actually stuff he has missed.

I will give one today, then one tomorrow (A BIG ONE) and then lots more little tidbits. No point in covering what he has already covered, because I think it is spot on, for the most part, although the opening scene being 'monumental event' might be a bit speculative, I think he is right on about the 'as above, so below' alchemical symbolism of the opening scene.

So here is the tidbit for today. Opening shot of the film, the helicopter is headed RIGHT FOR Wild Goose Island. For real. Wild goose, as in wild goose chase. But then, at the last second the helicopter veers off to the side. This might LOOK like a wild goose chase, but it is NOT! It is definitely, decidely NOT that! Big Grin

You can't make this stuff up. Thanks for everything, Stanley, you will not be forgotten in my lifetime, that is for sure. Can't wait to tell the next generation, honestly.

[Image: Saint_Mary_Lake_and_Wildgoose_Island.jpg]
Kubrick is admitting his involvement in Apollo 11 in the shining but he also seems to be inferring something about pedophilia too
(11-08-2018 06:43 AM)trevorrice Wrote: [ -> ]Kubrick is admitting his involvement in Apollo 11 in the shining but he also seems to be inferring something about pedophilia too

He is telling a number of stories at the same time. In The Shining Code the guy reads into some of the other stories as being Apollo references, where I would disagree. Like 'the Gold room', seems to be a reference to the early days of the Federal Reserve's creation, and then the closing of the Gold window under Nixon (which happened a few weeks after one of the Apollo missions was aired on TV, I think the first one with a rover, Apollo 15).

So there are definitely banking/gold/money motifs, there are Indians vs Cowboys/dark history of America motifs, and child sex innuendo as well.

The doctor checking on Danny at the start, people have compared that to oral sex (!) and when Jack asks Danny to sit on his lap later, very weird and obviously perverse view that can be taken of that. And then the bear costume later on... Weird scene, where the 'bear' looks to be performing oral sex, and has pants with no bottom on!

By no means is The Shining ONLY about Apollo. But it is a major theme. And there is a reason for all the themes. The elite ties in with the child sex references and with the banking references, and Apollo obviously ties in with 'America's dark past/secrets'.

The Shining opening. I will take a screenshot tomorrow from my copy of The Shining, showing the significance here.

Here's a hint, it occurs exactly 2:37 into the start of the film (but this clip omits about 10-13 seconds at the start, where it shows the production credits for Warner Bros, IIRC)
wow @ those titles

looks like it was made in windows moviemaker

disappointed in you STANLEY
I think he was more worried about the landscape shots. Apparently the first team he sent said "There's nothing worth shooting" at Going-to-the-Sun Road and Glacier National Park. He fired them on the spot, and sent his brother in law, Jan Harlan to take care of the 2nd shoot. That was also the extra footage from which Ridley Scott borrowed the footage, for the original 'upbeat' Blade Runner ending.

I think I remember something about the specific blue that Kubrick used for the titles in this opening, will have to wrack my brains a bit, but make no mistake it is a combo of the titles, the time they occur, and the background footage that combines for a very specific hint to start off the film! A real eye opener!
the shots are great, it's just the titles look really bad

I guess at the time it looked high tech since PC movie making programs didn't exist
EY or Chaos Reigns- i would love to know what your thoughts of First Man are once you see it.

For me- the final verdict _ - I am more skeptical then before.!!
yeah if it's still running in the theatres I might see it

but I'm often flying so I think i will catch it

i definitely will see it, but ryan gosling seriously puts me off. the dude is the epitome of SOULLESS


OK, now tell me what you think. Here is link to the movie in HD

Chaos Reigns, EY.
I love how they made the landing pretty much identical to the actual landing

you would have expected them to make it a little more dramatic for movie's sake

but they had to replicate the original to prove a point
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