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Full Version: Russia probe investigates Fedor
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this is ridiculous:

Here's what happened: on Tuesday, Fedor arrived into Chicago with his team - a group of around twelve in the entourage, including his translator - after a training camp spent largely in Amsterdam, in preparation for his headline fight in Bellator's heavyweight World Grand Prix tournament against Mr Mir, the former two-time UFC champion. Both men have been decorated champions, and are close to the end of their careers.

Three days ago, while the mixed martial arts legend was taking a walk outside in the vicinity with some members of his entourage, officials from the FBI turned up at the hotel, requested to see him, and knocked on his room. They waited for him. They spoke with him. They have, by some accounts, been in and out in the last few days.

It is worth recalling that Fedor has friends, who are fans, in very high places. Namely Presidents Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump.

Putin has attended Fedor's fights in the plush seats in the past, and the fighter has also served as a government official in the sports department in his native Russia. With Fedor being a person of note, and the current ongoings in Syria involving Russia and the USA, there could be security issues around his being here that are being monitored for his own safety.

But it could be other matters. The association with POTUS Trump goes back a decade ago to Fedor's days fighting in the Affliction Entertainment fight league, which Trump had a "significant stake" in, and for whom, in 2008, the President elect became a front man for.

Affliction executives threw chunk sized money in the direction of the Russian heavyweight. But who was appointed the COO of Affliction ? None other than Michael Cohen, currently under deep scrutiny and investigation by the FBI.

Two weeks ago, federal agents raided the New York offices and hotel apartment of Cohen. Described by Rolling Stone earlier this month as a decade-long "heavy, fixer and connector" for Trump, the investigation into Cohen from the US Attorney's office at the behest of Robert Mueller, looking into allegations of fraud and alleged payments to the porn star Stormy Daniels, may have seen Cohen's associative net widened. It would certainly be intriguing if Fedor was being asked about that time.

Here's the reality, sport is politics and sadly that's pretty much all it is.

When there wasn't an open confrontation (like in the 90s and early 00s) sport could also be a business (not exactly the pinnacle of conceptual thought, but still). Now it's all politics.
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