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Full Version: Chinese free sex???!!!
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Now that I've got your attention:
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A 19-year-old Chinese blogger was nabbed after offering up free sex online — drawing throngs of horndogs to the hotel in China where she was staying, according to reports.

Ye Mouyi put out the sex ad last Thursday via the social media site Weibo and WeChat in which she included her room number at the Hilton Hotel in Sanya City, the southernmost tip of China’s Hainan province, local news website iFeng reported.

“Somebody come get me … Sex … for free … 6316,” Mouyi wrote in the message, which quickly went viral, along with a video of her in a bikini, according to News.com.au.

According to iFeng, a horde of people descended on the hotel, with many calling up the front desk to inquire about the guest in Room 6316.

The Hilton Hotel quickly called police, who responded to the scene.

By the time authorities arrived, Mouyi had already checked out of the hotel and had staff escort her from the premises, according to iFeng.

The next day, Mouyi was arrested at Sanya Phoenix International Airport on prostitution charges, according to the report.

She was fined $79 and was ordered to remain jailed through March 15.

Doesn't money have to change hands for prostitution?
China is pretty lenient still . 80 dollard fine + 15 days jail
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Quote:A 19-year-old Chinese blogger was arrested on prostitution charges after she drew droves of horndogs to her hotel room with an offer of free sex.

Around 3,000 people reportedly came running to a Hilton hotel in Sanya, southern China, to see a woman identified by authorities as Ye Mouyi.

3000 ppl lmfao.

that's testosterone baby.

esp. in the southern parts of China, seems to be a more sexually charged atmosphere
3000 number is probably bullshit

just a few guys going to the hotel room

probably bs, but this is funny. room 6315 next door

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