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Full Version: They're called conspiracy theorists. They walk among us.
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Article on USAToday.

Wake up, sheeple.

Right now, there are networks of passionate and committed people across the world working to subvert some of our deepest-held beliefs and upend the established world order.

They're called conspiracy theorists. They walk among us. They could be your friends, neighbors or loved ones. Who knows? You may even be one yourself.

There seems to be a conspiracy being "uncovered" all the time these days, and no matter how outlandish they may be they seem to have no trouble drawing in ardent believers.

Despite the prevalence and pervasiveness of conspiracy theories, the reasons people are drawn to them is a relatively new area of study for psychologists.

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When the mainstream narrative is clearly false, people will turn to conspiracy theories. It doesn't matter if the vast majority of theories are false. The ones doing the theorizing are not the liars and shills.

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