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Full Version: RIP. Wreckker from the UG/OG died of cancer
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He posted in a lot of my threads dealing with Koreans.

He died due to cancer.

Pretty sad.
RIP Wrekker
Last time I talked to him he was talking about using an anti-cancer diet. he also blamed his cancer on his korean wife that abused him.

pretty sad all around. he stayed very positive though.
some old posts:

Quote:Here my story and others

NOTHING in my life has been harder
Than dealing with 4'11" korean woman

People are idviduals but many of these women have tempers, beyond stubborn, smoke, drink, gamble, mine was mentally abusive, physically abusive to both kids and me.

Mentally she is broken, Anger and abuse are her FIRST choices of expression to me and her good daughter.

Bipolar and delusional with severe anger issues.

I made a mistake staying so long, It literally may of contributed to my cancer spreading and becoming very severe from extreme levels of stress i was under.

I handle other forms of stress easily, Professional poker player, stepped in a cage or ring 20 plus times.

But being with that woman was rough in a emotional and mentally draining way.

Im mentally happier with stage 4 cancer and a weak body than being strong but under mental turmoil with her.

Quote:Im a positive person EY

I dont get depressed, she was only thing that could bring me down.

She cant take my son from me, my custidy agreement protects me. The daughter she abused that lived with me is on a full scholarship to UW.

Cancer was a shock and sucks but im strong physically an mentally for a cancer patient. I believe my odds are good.

I have never divulged so much personal info on a forum as i have in this thread.

It just hit home pretty hard!
wow, just wow. RIP
Quote:My stomache is super bloated right now, not sure why, got a feeding tube pulled out of my stomache today. Dr said in few hours hole will close. It didnt so while im playing cards right after i take a big drink of water it comes pouring out of my abdomen.

I have tons of good food at my house right now, Just cant eat much last few days cuz of the bloating.

Im waiting for a scan of my abdomen to check out cancer development, bloating issue, and also for colostomy reversal will happen as long as things check out.

I told dr surgery in two weeks or AFTER Dec 8 ufc im going too.

Im not missing ufc with floor seats!

Wish i had ten years back i spent with krazy korean torture machine. Probably no cancer, better poker and mma career i know too. Better life.

Run from crazy women my friends.... Especially the ones that eat kimchi.

That can kill and torture even alpha men who trane ufc!

reading this is pretty sad. He was very positive. not bitter or angry at all.
Quote:The fear of The Lord adds length to life, but the years of the wicked are cut short. Proverbs 11:13

Thats what my ex sent me after she found out i have cancer....

Sweet huh?

Heres a gem i got couple days ago

This is not about you and your past . Everything happens for a reason. We were meant to be.There is war between darkness and light. Evil and good. Wicked and the righteous. Victory is in Jesus. His blood has forgiven you and me. There is no man who does not sin.Listen to the words of our God and have fear. You have a choice between life and death. I see you for who you are . What you have done to the children and what you are doing. It is never too late to change. Repent or you will be put to death. anyone who misleads his children is better off thrown into the ocean with chains around his neck. This is my last warning to you. Your fighting a losing battle. I hope you chose life over death.

She is a bipolar nut job from hell

Broken up 3 years he still tries to mentally fuxk with me.

Now she is abusing my son, I called cps on here and case is open.

She has been very physical withe her daughter she dusowned and now my son

Im sick with cancer but deali
G with her feels worse!
he would have been a good addition to this site.
damn. RIP Wreckker. sometimes I want to strangle my wife too.... but she's not THAT bad. Yet.
I remember reading his posts, and finding it remarkable that he could remain so positive after being dealt such a shitty hand in life. It really put the trivial things that I was beating myself up about into perspective.

RIP Wreckker
Sad Sad R.I.P. Wreckker.
Holy shit @ that psycho bitch.

RIP wrekker.

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