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Full Version: Chinese dude kills greyhound for losing him race. DISGUSTING
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When will China IMPLEMENT ANIMAL ABUSE LAWS? SERIOUSLY. THIS NEGATIVE PR IS DESTROYING CHINA'S IMAGE, even if it's done by a tiny minority of the population. that people do this is already bad enough, but for the govt to do nothing is just insane.

[Image: dogabuse.jpg]
this guy needs to be put to death:

[Image: dog-e1512620673243.jpg]
Donald should have a talk with his buddy Xi about this.
yep this shit is costing chinese billions in virtual PR
I hate people that abuse dogs. That guy needs to be bitten in the crotch by a pit bull. Dogs are awesome.
Hopefully this is not acceptable to the average Chinese person.
you guys have it all wrong he was just tenderising him
[Image: bunk-the-wire.gif]

Im assuming you can do this sort if thing in China and not face any repercussions?

at most maybe a fine.

but vigilante justice is on the rise.

you will get beaten up and mobbed, your storefront burned if they find out who you are.

that is why they covered his face. his life would be in danger

animals lovers OUTNUMBER animal abusers in China by a huge margin.

the fucked up thing is the GOVT does not have ANIMAL ABUSE LAWS.


people think of China they think of DOG EATING. how is this a good image?
(12-14-2017 05:10 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]but vigilante justice is on the rise.

If this guy turns up dead we all know what happened. Angel
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