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Full Version: It's that time again. Poster of the year 2017
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Some decrease in user activity due to the Orange man dividing up the movement, but this year we had some of the highest viewership counts yet.

I want to thank all the contributors that have stuck around as I believe this is one of the few places left where people of differing viewpoints can speak their mind. Social media has consolidated the places for dialogue into a few controlled spaces like facebook and twitter. Forums like this are dying but still useful.

anyhoo, Please nominate poster of the year. the poster must have posted in the last year to qualify.

you can nominate more than one, but not more than 3. the poster with the most votes gets a special gold name.
Kung Fool
How many people still active on here? We should make discord. Vote for jho
Mad Mike
(12-09-2017 09:00 AM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]kungfool

No need man. It felt good to win but I've had my moment in the Sun.

We lost a lot of good men this year for obvious reasons, but I feel we got back on track by Summer with good discussions and some new directions. Still holding out hope that some of our old budz will come back.
EvilYoshida - EY deserves some recognition for all the undeserved hate he gets, even on his own forum. He's stubborn in his opinions, but never personalizes the attacks against him and rarely holds grudges. 5 people banned in almost 5 years? The years on the OG must have given him some seriously thick skin.

Pilgrim - One of the only MAGA faithfuls that didn't quit. Solid concise posts, consistent, stands for something.

Redneck - Occult Wizard. I'm naturally skeptical on these issues but he connects the dots in ways that would take me a lifetime. His posts are a mindfuck sometimes.

CTsar - If he hasn't won yet, why not?

Anti-Archon - This guy stabs right to the heart of whatever we're talking about and then twists the knife. Glad he's still posting even after a major personal tragedy.

Megatherium - This guy is old school; CT, Culture, Music, whatever it is, he keeps us rooted in where we came from but still keeps it fresh.

Count Iblis - Posts a lot of great video on ...cultural issues... Turned me on to some speakers and channels that speakers that really changed my world-view these past 2 years. Is he /Our Guy/?

Glimmer - He's a neophyte here but has been making a lot of good threads lately. Glad he's with us.

Jho - Disagree with him on nearly everything and loathe his rigid Idealism, but he is very sharp and provides a lot of sources and perspectives that are critical and eye-opening.

Hope anyone doesn't feel left out. I'm sure I'll be thinking about honorable mentions in the coming weeks.
Glimmer - pretty refreshing posts, good balance of music discussion and politics

Redneck - always interesting points of view even if we don't always agree

Jho - like me called out the Trump fraud well before it was in your face obvious. we don't always agree but the variety of viewpoints is interesting.

honorable mentions: Sometimes Heart of Turtle, Rako and Pierrot Lunaire
The Dean and/or Roland Bates and/or Rezin.

Honestly The Dean should have won this thing by now.
REZIN is underrated imo
How about a poll?
yeah we can collate the nominees here and then construct a poll.

or people could nominate here and we could count

the thing is we have less members now so maybe a poll would be less interesting compared to previous years
how many member are still active ?
maybe like 25-30

with an additional 10-15 dropping in once in awhile

but people do eventually come back.

the key is if you post here you will get views. the site is well indexed and each thread gets thousands of views over time.
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