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Full Version: Walmart exposed as a giant food waster
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Way worse than the Chinese people and giant plates of shrimp from the buffet.

artificial scarcity crisis

there should be zero starvation and ZERO NEED For GMO with all this food wastage

there is so much food and oil in this world it's not even funny

doesn't mean you should waste it, but don't lie about it to raise prices or to increase control
My local small grocery store starts marking stuff down really cheap as it nears its expiration date. I eat like a king because I always buy stuff 3-4 day before its sell by date.
japanese supermarkets sell sushi for half of daily before closing
Very sad. Food waste is a crime against humanity. The cost of food has been artificially inflated. Very very disheartening.
If a freezer went down then they can't legally sell it. Even giving it away opens them for a lawsuit if someone gets sick.
Then go ahead and mark it 'CAUTION FOOD SAFETY UNVERIFIED' and let people make adult decisions.
ussa biggest food waster. biggest consumer of resources
(11-14-2017 01:54 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]ussa biggest food waster. biggest consumer of resources

They also feed like half the planet. Not that that's a good thing.

[Image: J5u0m.jpg]
they feed africa the justify their intel and military operations
(11-14-2017 10:43 AM)Texas Samurai Wrote: [ -> ]Then go ahead and mark it 'CAUTION FOOD SAFETY UNVERIFIED' and let people make adult decisions.

In a rational world that might make sense, but this is sue happy America.
you can't even really sue in the US for most stuff

you can sue/snitch on your brothers and sisters but that's about it

try suing major corporations. try suing FEEBAY for their racketeering /extortion schemes and see what happens

try suing a doctor or vet for malpractice. YOU WILL NEVER WIN.
Looks like I was right. Walmart has responded to this video. The food came from a store that had lost power for 14 hours due to a hurricane. No way they would, or should, give that food away. The state would be all over the store with lawsuits and criminal charges.
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