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Full Version: White Man White Woman
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It's become a bit of a joke to point out that a Google Images search of "white man white woman" yields predominantly interracial couples. I decided to dig a bit more just to see how bad it was. My procedure was to look at the first 20 images of each possible heterosexual pairing. I filtered out pictures where there wasn't a clear couple involved. I also filtered out montages unless they all had the same pairing. A small number of pictures were disregarded because it race of someone wasn't clear (they were probably mixed race). It's likely that some people included were mixed race even though they appeared mono-racial to me. Below I are the pairings that I searched for and what percentage of the pictures match my search criteria.

The only pairing that was 100% correct was Asian man and black woman.

Several were 95% correct: white man Asian woman, white man black woman, black man white woman, and black man Asian woman.

The only 85% correct was Asian man white woman.

We drop down to 65% for black man black woman.

Asian man Asian woman gave only 5%.

Guess what white man white woman was. That's right 0%.

Some observations:

For white man white woman two pairings were common, black man white woman (45%) and white man black woman (40%).

For Asian man Asian woman the most common result was white man Asian woman (55%).

Seems that the heaviest propaganda is towards whites and Asians. Not a single one of the images was of a white man and white woman (every other combination had at least one image). The most frequent pairing was white man Asian woman, followed by white man black woman, and black man white woman.

One final thing. There was one image that was censored but obviously taken from a porn movie. It featured a black man and a white woman. There were two artsy pictures involving nudity which were also a black man and a white woman. All the family pictures that came up were mixed race.
Thanks for the research Count.

How do you think they manipulate the results?
Same thing happens on the Australian Google.

The only "white men" was this photo of Dylan Roof and Robert Lewis Dear, two men who Google clearly feel represent the typical white man.

Too big to embed.

any indication it is manipulated by google themselves? SJWs could cause some of these soewed results
Not sure how the manipulation happens. I'm not a computer expert by any stretch of the imagination. You can use other search engines and see the same thing happening.
there are SEO tricks you can do to manipulate the image and search results.

if google is actually doing this it would greatly hurt their image of being a somewhat "unbiased" search engine

it makes sense for them to censor hate speech, but stuff like this would really hurt their credibility if they were caught doing it

if you search for white woman, white man you should get the results you are looking for.
this is the search result I get for "white couple"

[Image: 5qkIIiNNQWasTpmLdiYG5Q.png]
Yeah I suspect google is up to no good too, but without knowing WHAT or HOW they're altering it, it's hard to accuse them of being part of the agenda.

We need an SEO consultant.
They are telling you that googling for "white couple" contributes to white supremacy. So fuck you. Here's a black guy with a white chick. Tongue
SEO tricks are the low brow of the IT world.

Shit is obviously an attack on whites but what else is par for the mother fucking course
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