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Full Version: White Fragility, the paper
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this is a SJW paper, but I found the quote below in bold quite interesting.


Universalism & Individualism
Whites are taught to see their perspectives as objective and representative of reality
(McIntosh, 1988). The belief in objectivity, coupled with positioning white
people as outside of culture (and thus the norm for humanity), allows whites to
view themselves as universal humans who can represent all of human experience.

This is evidenced through an unracialized identity or location, which functions
as a kind of blindness; an inability to think about Whiteness as an identity or as a
“state” of being that would or could have an impact on one’s life. In this position,
Whiteness is not recognized or named by white people, and a universal reference
point is assumed. White people are just people. Within this construction, whites
can represent humanity, while people of color, who are never just people but always
most particularly black people, Asian people, etc., can only represent their
own racialized experiences (Dyer, 1992).
this is actually true. Even liberals use the term "people of color" implying white is not a color and they are the default

even with IQ, WHITE IQ is centered at 100.. the baseline.

UN values transported worldwide were all conjured up by white people. they seek to enforce WHITE VALUES all over the world.

redneck white supremacist doesn't work, but liberal white supremacist surely does. in fact it rules much of the world today

if SJWs are truly sincere about attacking white power, ATTACK elitist white liberalism.. they are far more successful at COLONIZING MINDS with their UNIVERSAL VALUES than the rednecks who think WHITES ARE DA BEST
Bonilla-Silva (2006) documents a manifestation of White Fragility in his
study of color-blind white racism. He states, “Because the new racial climate in
America forbids the open expression of racially based feelings, views, and positions,
when whites discuss issues that make them uncomfortable, they become almost
incomprehensible – I, I, I, I don’t mean, you know, but…- ”
(p. 68). Probing
forbidden racial issues results in verbal incoherence - digressions, long pauses,
repetition, and self-corrections. He suggests that this incoherent talk is a function
of talking about race in a world that insists race does not matter. This incoherence
is one demonstration that many white people are unprepared to engage, even on
a preliminary level, in an exploration of their racial perspectives that could lead
to a shift in their understanding of racism. This lack of preparedness results in the
66 • International Journal of Critical Pedagogy
maintenance of white power because the ability to determine which narratives
are authorized and which are suppressed is the foundation of cultural domination
(Banks, 1996; Said, 1994; Spivak, 1990). Further, this lack of preparedness has
further implications, for if whites cannot engage with an exploration of alternate
racial perspectives, they can only reinscribe white perspectives as universal.


Quote:At the same time that it is ubiquitous, white superiority also remains unnamed
and explicitly denied by most whites. If white children become adults who
explicitly oppose racism, as do many, they often organize their identity around a
denial of the racially based privileges they hold that reinforce racist disadvantage
for others. What is particularly problematic about this contradiction is that white
moral objection to racism increases white resistance to acknowledging complicity
with it. In a white supremacist context, white identity in large part rests upon a
foundation of (superficial) racial toleration and acceptance.

pretty deep.

the virtue signaling runs deep in 'murica
Whites who position
themselves as liberal often opt to protect what they perceive as their moral reputations,
rather than recognize or change their participation in systems of inequity
and domination.
In so responding, whites invoke the power to choose when, how,
and how much to address or challenge racism. Thus, pointing out white advantage
will often trigger patterns of confusion, defensiveness and righteous indignation.
When confronted with a challenge to white racial codes, many white liberals use
the speech of self-defense (Van Dijk, 1992). This discourse enables defenders to
protect their moral character against what they perceive as accusation and attack
while deflecting any recognition of culpability or need of accountability. Focusing
on restoring their moral standing through these tactics, whites are able to avoid the
question of white privilege (Marty, 1999, Van Dijk, 1992).


Very good.

Both Far-Left Anti-White thinkers and Far-Right Pro-White thinkers both recognize the problem of White Identity.

The SJW insanity of 2013-2015 inadvertently triggered this rise of Racial Consciousness in 2016. I expect this Anti-White, Anti-"White-Supremacy" vs Alt-Right White-Nationalism to be the dominant topic for the next 8 years or so. People will be polarized. The center will be hollowed out.
good post kf
For a young White Liberal the big part of finding yourself (after Sex and getting into Parties) is being accepted by another culture.
Young men get into hobbies that will take them to other nation where they will try to gain roots in another culture.
You be shocked how many guys I train with have lived in Japan, Brazil or Thailand for 6 months. I'm sure it's the same with other hobbies as well.

It's like every White Liberal needs to play Anthropologist once in their life.
They need the experience of becoming an extended member of a more real or primitive culture to be a complete human.
well what is happening is the white liberal sees themselves as the default of truth and universal values so they are outside of culture, race and religion. they see themselves as the objective observers of what is going on worldwide.

this is also why white people call things ETHNIC as if WHITE/EUROPEAN is not ethnic.

the white nationalists are more like the other races around the world in the sense that they feel they are distinct and their values and racial identity should be preserved. the problem is white isn't a country or nationality.. so it's a race based view.

people say japanese, koreans etc. are racist, but that is not really true. they are just hyper nationalist. japanese, koreans and chinese are the same race but there is more hate between these three groups than to non east asian races.
the white liberal explorers who go with a backpack to foreign lands is another example of the anthropologist thing you're talking about. they love the ego trip of being PROMETHEUS bringing techno-gadgets to the mud people. it's extremely arrogant.

when I lived in China, I never met a white liberal who did not make VAST GENERALIZATIONS about chinese and asians. based on one foul incident they would trash the entire Chinese or asian race. but then once you start talking about other groups like Blacks or jews, their PC hat gets turned on again. it's pretty amusing to watch.

actually I once met a white liberal who was amazed when a chinese girl said she didn't date foreigners. He was like REALLY? as if his racial group owned the local ladies.

i like to point out the pernicious racism of the left because it's HIDDEN. the redneck racism is self explanatory. Actually I don't have a problem with it as long as they are not actively messing with other groups. also overt racism never works. White liberal racism is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. I also believe private business should be able to hire whoever they want. only public positions would need to follow a color blind application process.
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