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Full Version: Will Las Vegas hotel security footage disappear just like 9/11 black boxes?
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seems to me the most obvious thing to reveal. the dude entering the hotel and walking in the hallways.

with almost 600 people shot,where is the footage of someone actually getting shot?

22K people were there. probability alone would guarantee this to be caught on video
There should also be massive amounts of blood everywhere.
i have a friend who knows people that died

the dean apparently does as well

maybe it's exaggerated but people def. were shot
My close friend knows a confirmed casualty in the Vegas shooting.

People died in the Pulse shooting as well. I know this for a fact. The numbers and the true motives are probably the bigger mystery.

Just because some of these shootings are real, does not mean others can be staged or false flags.
yeah the pulse was a hybrid event. probably exaggerated but probably shit really went down.

But it was likely a false flag.
assuming these are contrived I think they realized it wasn't that easy to pull off entirely fake events.

probably easier to do something for real and exaggerate the extent of the damage to push an agenda.
We have footage of a couple of girls getting shot right here at EY.com.

[Image: 9sb3g6xokgpz.jpg]
It's possible. Active shooter training is fairly common nowadays.

Plus, I think one of the casinos had an active shooter scare a couple weeks ago. This could be related.

The timing is a bit alarming though.
Where I work we were supposed to get instructions a few days ago for an active shooter situation, but they haven't materialized. We've been ramping up security for months, but in typical corporate fashion for everything that goes right 3 things go wrong.
(10-03-2017 01:01 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]i have a friend who knows people that died

the dean apparently does as well

maybe it's exaggerated but people def. were shot

I have no doubt that most of the carnage was real. Maybe some scenes were staged for photos after the event, but I'm sure the shooting into the crowd was real.
or what about real but casualties inflated?
(10-04-2017 06:42 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]or what about real but casualties inflated?

More than likely, in my opinion.

Especially the number of injured.
check this out. I think it's strange how there wasn't screaming in the initial moments.

the dude was shooting straight into the crowd.. the people around the injured should have been frantically screaming or going OH SHIT. to me it's quite quiet initially

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