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Full Version: Wolfgang just tweeted this pic. Very interesting
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[Image: DKibQfBVAAAL9sy.jpg]
[Image: WUJdfD9iQw28m0MxWmWBnA.png]
^ that is pretty uncanny.

wonder where the pics came from
Sandy hook?

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Say what you will about Wolfgang, but he never gives up. The modern day Jim Garrison. Life ruined, reputation shot, livelihood destroyed...but he's right.
yeah. but he's mentally unstable. his heart is in the right place but sometimes he just bullshits out of nowhere

overall I think he's on the right track

i'm really wondering where these pics came from.
(09-26-2017 06:07 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ][Image: WUJdfD9iQw28m0MxWmWBnA.png]

so the top pics were supposedly taken in 2012? they appear to have grown/aged 10 years in the bottom pic.
Supposedly the pics put out were of the same people but younger than current so they couldn't easily be identified walking around. Bunch of 12 yr Olds were actually in middle school when the fake 7 yr Olds were "killed" and their pictures from when they were 7 were released so nobody expected anything.
the one with the older girls isn't that convincing, but those 4 boys. man do they look similar.

what are your opinions folks?
I honestly can't tell from those pictures. I would need more evidence to be convinced those are the same people.
if the pics are from a newtown/CT event it would be more convincing
check the Newtown Schoolboard Chairmen eat Pizza right after the shooting incident

[Image: 1mg3anGdSreWhemfJMN1zA.png]

nothing wrong with eating food, but there is no urgency during that entire scene
Shouldn't they be calling parents?

Who's idea was it to get on the horn and order pizzas?
this was around 1-2 hours after the incident

who would have the mood to chill around and eat pizzas, esp. the CHAIRWOMAN OF THE EDUCATION DEPT?
All that traffic blocking off the road, they let the Dominoes delivery car just drive on up and drop off pizzas?

How does that work?
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