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Full Version: Strange Tidings in Rebel Media
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Ezra fires Faith Goldy for doing an interview on the Daily Stormer:

Ezra claims he's being blackmailed by a former Employee:

It's a complicated story:

Rebel Media's campaign "Save the Christians":

I've always thought Ezra was a good guy; an open and honest Zionist. Despite supporting the US Foreign AID to Israel, I think Rebel Media has done good work. However, letting go of employees because of their curiosity about White Nationalism is shameful.

I wonder if Ezra is losing control, or if he's a shrewd enough businessman to make this all go away.
Faith is a beauty, but I think her plastic surgery made her look aged:

[Image: 1489184678171.png]

[Image: 10643978_697606123640932_1421618988_n.jpg]

[Image: photo.jpg]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
These Alt-Liters having a tough time with the strong pull to the Alt-Right. Being Pro-Israel and opposing Ethno-Nationalism is hypocrisy.

Faith supporting Charlottesville:

Ezra denouncing Charlottesville:

This one is for Dong.

Lol I just went to get the Faith Goldy / Daily Stormer interview, and realized GoDaddy shut down the Daily Stormer.

I think it's the only time I've tried to go there, and it just happened to be on it's first day of non-existence.
Godaddy can shut sites down now?
I think they were hosting the site, not shutting down the registry info. Supposedly they moved to Google but have already been axed again.

Imagine if the electric company shut down their power at their offices because "nazis!" or the water company.
Didn't I mention a couple days after the election that the left was going to move more towards anti-Zionism and the far right is going to become staunchly pro-Zionist?
Ezra's story sounds like complete shite. He also has a history of libel.
So crypto jew Gavin McInnes is the only one left from the original cast?

(08-20-2017 05:14 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]So crypto jew Gavin McInnes is the only one left from the original cast?

Rumor has it that Gavin has another job offer and will be leaving at the end of the month.

But it's okay, they still have Laura Loomer and that based Somali guy. Wink

[Image: OYBqmjrW.jpg]

Early life

Loomer was raised in Arizona by a Jewish father who taught her to identify as “ethnically, culturally and politically Jewish”, as a youngster Loomer was teased for being overweight and for having a “Jewish nose”; after high school Loomer attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, but left after just one semester for feeling targeted for being conservative, claiming she ate every single meal by herself; Loomer later transferred to Barry University in Miami, Florida.[5]

[Image: CzmUqN_UkAAulM0.png]
I think Ezra is under pressure from advertisers and ((donors)) to sever all ties to the Alt-Right. He has to know Alt-Right make up like 20% of their viewer base.

Here was the interview Faith Goldy did on the Krypto Report. It was overall pretty mild. TheYy thanked her for risking her job to speak to them.

I'm not a fan of the interviewer though. He's the grey-beard that Vice got on camera yelling "The N***ers, the Jews and their computers run this whole society."
[Image: Vice-4.png]
Bombard's Analysis

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