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Full Version: WWII Mythology
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I never quite got how the Nazis were known for hating black people. These days you see a lot of blacks carrying on about the Nazis and how they'd be dead if Hitler had won the war, but I don't recall them ever doing anything, or saying much at all, about black people.

There is the myth about the black athlete Jesse Owens, and how Hitler was furious when he beat the German athletes, but Owens says in his book that Hitler treated him well and was very nice to him, much better than the way Roosevelt treated him when he returned to the USA.

Dana White was furious when Chuck Liddell got his ass whupped by Overeem in Pride, but does that mean he hates black people? Hitler may have been mad that his team lost, but by Owens own account he didn't let that stop him from treating Owens with respect afterwards.
Shouldn't blacks be afraid of black people because that's who kills blacks more than anyone else?
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