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Full Version: Henry Makow seems to be running anti-Putin operations
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his latest article:

Putin - Billionaire & Gangster?

August 7, 2017

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"What we think of as geopolitics are really gang wars.
Putin's enlightened foreign policy may really be resistance
to competing gangsters from the West invading his lucrative turf."

Many of us have conferred sainthood on Vladimir Putin for saving Syria from the clutches of the Zionist-CIA proxy ISIS and for espousing an enlightened foreign policy in the face of insane belligerence from the Zionist-controlled west.

(Putin with Jewish boyhood buddy and billionaire, Arkady Rotenburg)

Thus, many of you will not be happy to hear about a 27-minute French documentary called "Putin's Hidden Treasure" made by Nicolas Tonev which claims that Putin's enlightened leadership is far from altruistic. Indeed, it makes a credible case that Putin may be the richest man in Europe -- worth as much as $40 billion--thanks to kickbacks and embezzlement of state property. The documentary is available on Netflix.

The documentary traces Putin's career back to St. Petersburg where, as the assistant to the Mayor, he engaged in the preferred Russia form of corruption- kickbacks on public works. He moved to Moscow and was a close associate of Jewish oligarch frontman Boris Yeltsin who resigned under a cloud of corruption and virtually ceded his position to Putin.

The documentary shows how Putin and his associates profited from the privatization of state-owned oil giant Rosneft which had revenue of $64 billion in 2016. They also profited from huge kickbacks on a tollroad from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the Sochi Olympics. It appears that Putin's Jewish boyhood pal, Arkady Rotenburg (see pic) is his financial proxy.


The documentary reveals that Putin has built a Versailles-like mansion complex (left) worth a billion dollars on the Black Sea. It interviews activists who have sought to stop this pattern of corruption. Many have been beaten or murdered.

We may need to modify our image of the Illuminati and see it as a worldwide criminal network like the Mafia. It probably conflates with the Mafia. It engages in a vast range of criminal activities including human and organ trafficking, drug trafficking, as well as depraved rituals like pedophilia and child sacrifice. The point is that everyone in power is part of it including the Clintons, Trump and Putin. What we think of as politics are really gang wars. Putin's enlightened foreign policy might in fact be resistance to the Western gangsters invading his lucrative turf.

They are all criminals, equally reprehensible. But they fight each other by focusing media attention on the other's crimes and ignoring their own. Thus we have the Trump "Russian" investigations while the Clinton Foundation crimes which is far more egregious gets no attention.


Like Putin, we love Trump but he is probably a gangster too. When I posted an item about a possible Trump connection with sex trafficking in underage girls, I got a sour reception on Twitter. But given his connections to Miss Universe Contest, Trump Modelling and to Jeffrey Epstein, it is quite possible there is something to it. We may need to prepare ourself for return to the status quo under President Mike Pence.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 7.18.26 AM.png
Trump wasn't always President. He was a rich developer in the depraved sexual cesspool that is NYC. He may have dirty laundry which his enemies will use to remove him. We need to be prepared for that. If Trump wasn't being blackmailed, why did he sign the sanctions bill against Russia which tied his hands?

It is just possible that the plan all along was to impeach Trump for his past sins and thereby discredit him, his "America First" program and his supporters. That would explain why an Obama loyalist like Robert Mueller would be appointed to investigate a "Russia connection." It might explain why Soros widget H.R. McMaster was appointed National Security Adviser. Why Jeff Sessions is suspected of being a mole. Why scary Freemason Mike Pence was chosen for VP.

Trump used Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway to appeal to the average American. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was appealing to minorities and virtually ignoring the vast white working class majority. It was a brilliant stratagem but if the shit hits the fan, Trump needs to confess to past crimes, repent and say he will not let "them" use blackmail to stop him from making America great again. His supporters would forgive his past sins. They would have no choice.

As for Putin-lovers, we must consider that we have fallen for a carefully crafted false-narrative that portrays the Russian leader as defender of Christian values.
Note- Before writing to defend Putin, please watch the documentary. It's free on Netflix if you sign up for a trial.


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First Comment from Z:

In his official autobiography "First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-portrait by Russia's President Vladimir Putin" Putin lists his mother's name is SHELOMOVA. Despite being Jewish by birth, she was an Orthodox believer and so was Putin. So he is a crypto-Jew like so many top politicians and celebrities.

His granddad was cook for both Lenin and Stalin. To employ someone as you cook you have to be sure he won't poison you. His family was connected. I believe Putin is a made up surname.
another questionable article: DID TRUMP LAUNDER MONEY FOR PUTIN?


are the controllers now using the MAKOW wild card?

Vladimir Putin is a relative of all royal families of Europe.

Russian president Vladimir Putin was a mystery almost for everyone during the moment of his election. He seemed to be a man with no past, inspired with the symbol of the new epoch, but deprived of historic roots. The research, which was conducted by journalists from the Russian city of Tver, became a sensation. As it became known, the parents of the Russian president came from the Kalininsky area of the Tver region.

The president’s family tree is not traced after Putin’s grandfather Spiridon Putin, who left the Tver governor for St.Petersburg at the age of 15. Vladimir Putin’s grandfather was a serious, reserved man of immaculate honesty. Spiridon Putin became a good cook. He worked in fancy restaurants in St.Petersburg before the revolution of 1917. Later, he was invited to cook for Lenin himself. When Lenin passed away, Spiridon Putin started working at one of Stalin’s dachas. Putin’s grandfather managed to survive the horrid period of the Soviet history. When he retired, he was living and cooking at a holiday camp of the Communist Party. Vladimir Putin tells about his grandfather that he was a man, who liked being silent most of his time.
[Image: putin_is_jewish.jpg]
Putin is an unapologetic Stalinist, I thought everyone knew that?
perhaps, but the whole pro-israeli angle falls apart when one realizes how staunchly pro Syria and Iran Putin is.
(08-08-2017 08:38 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]perhaps, but the whole pro-israeli angle falls apart when one realizes how staunchly pro Syria and Iran Putin is.
Putin isn't playing both sides of the fence like the Anglo-American Deep state. He's pro-Russia, there's a difference. At the end of the day the Russian people benefit from his foreign policy.

Rothschild isn't exactly pro-Israel. He funds them to use a as tool to gather up all the resources in the Middle East for him & his bankster cronies. When Israel is done serving its purpose, it will be tossed aside like an empty can.
I agree. The Rothschilds aren't as Pro Israel as people think, but they did have a huge hand in starting the state with the balfour declaration
a lot of this crap is centered on his mom supposedly being jewish. that doesn't really matter as actions counts, not the bloodline. Putin has put the church front and center in Russian cultural life, this is exactly the opposite of what is desired by the controllers.
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