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Full Version: fake news: Big Jon McCarthy KOed at COSTCO
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LOS ANGELES– Big John McCarthy of UFC ref fame was attacked and knocked unconscious early afternoon on Sunday at a Los Angeles Costco. Unfortunately there was no one to step in and stop the fight once he was clearly knocked out.

The assailants were, according to witnesses, two men who recognized Big John and started hassling the well known referee. They appeared under the influence, according to eye witnesses.

A mugshot of one of the assailants shows the damage inflicted by Big John before he was knocked out

“They were shouting something about an old fight back in the day,” said Joseph Goldsmith who saw the fight after buying his 12 pound bag of Cheetos at the Costco.

Big John is no pushover, as he is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, but these two attackers had the element of surprise, as no one would imagine being attacked in a Costco parking lot over controversial fight stoppages. Big John apparently was facing one of the attackers, when he was hit in the back of the head with a large bag of staples purchased at the big box store. It is hard to recover from that, but Big John did manage to get in his licks. The two low lifes were pretty scuffed up in their mug shots. But there were two of them and only one of Big John. The move that finished McCarthy off was when he was clobbered by a 16 pound jar of peanut butter….crunchy. They caught him right on the temple and as UFC fans know, it was lights out.

There were some witnesses who tried to help the UFC ref but the two thugs were hardcore. Even after McCarthy was unconscious they added some kicks to the ribs for good measure. One witness actually jumped in and tried to wave the two attackers off, saying, “it’s all over, he’s out.” The guy just got caught up in the moment and is an aspiring MMA ref, he was not trying to save Big John evidently. Police finally arrived to break up the beating. One witness, Jerry Gallo, told us, “I am glad those thugs are off the streets, but I feel like the police stopped the fight a bit too soon. Big John may have been out cold but I feel like he could have rebounded at any time.”
A twelve pound bag of cheetos? Knocked out by a 16 pound jar of peanut butter? This story reads like satire. Bizarre.

The link doesn't work at least for me. This has got to be fake, no?
got if from the OG. maybeit's BS
The story is from empiresports. Looks fake. Heres the story on their website


Their disclaimer;


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(07-26-2017 05:23 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]fake news lol


Yeah their whole site is junk. Funny story though. At least they had Big John going down fighting.
This is not even questionable. The writing style isn't the standard AP reporting style and nobody with a brain would believe it for a minute.
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