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Full Version: RED PILL THEORY: How To Stuff Your White Meat Into Asian Girls
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lol asian woman, this is how little respect chad has for you. LEARN:

Quote:Over the past couple of months I've noticed a series of race specific dating guides posted to the Red Pill. Indian men wrote articles for other Indian men to help address specific Indian issues. Asian men have done the same and so have Blacks. In my opinion this is a positive development as race and culture have substantive influence on dating. The Red pill is predominantly American, Canadian, English and Australian. Which is to say, the Red Pill is mostly white. So why haven't Whites written anything for other Whites? There is nothing racist about Indians writing for other Indians, so why can't we Whites get in on the action? Luckily for you guys Red Pill Superstar GayLubeOil is here to answer your most pressing White dating question: How To Stuff Your White Meat Into Asian Girls.
Why Asian Girls?

There are three things Asian mothers hate: shoes on in house, checking their blind spot and chubby daughters. Asian fat shaming has single handedly saved generations of Asian women from the unfuckability epidemic experienced by Whites and especially Blacks. On top of that, Asian women are generally less television brainwashed as their parents forced them to practice violin for 6 hours a day. In other words White women have made themselves intolerable, pushing White men towards the Asian persuasion. Finally college campuses have been completely taken over by Asians since they actually study for the SAT, meaning their is a wide selection.
Choosing the Right Asian:

Contrary to popular belief, not all Asian girls are the same. They might sort of look alike, squeak like IKEA furniture when intercoursed , and shuffle their flip flops everywhere they go however, there are key differences you must consider in making your selection. The most important factor is when her family immigrated. First and second generation Asians retain their culture while third generation+ are a gamble and may be westernized shitshows like Ellen Pao. The next thing to consider is whether or not she has white friends. Asians who have white friends are more likely to sleep with white dudes than those who exclusively hang in Asian cliques. Finally: Does she conform to Asian beauty standards? If she isn't ultra petite, ghost pale and lacks an eye fold, she is looked down upon by other Asians. White men don't give a fuck about that shit. Which means there is an excellent opportunity to ball up some Asian girls with low self esteem.
Act White:

The key to getting any interracial action is not being an apologetic pussy. When white guys talk to Asian girls usually the first thing they do is supplicate by trying to show how Asian friendly they are. Asian girls don't care that you like Sudoku, Teriyaki and Anime body pillows. You deciding to submit to her Asian ways raises more red flags then Saigon in 1975. The white guys who do best with Asian girls aren't the ones who wear robes and have samurai sword collections they are the white guys who act white. Asian girls that want to sleep with white guys want to sleep with White White Guys like Channing Tatum who act white and do white bro things. They are looking for an invitation into White World with its footballs, barbecues, and plaid shirts. That's the fantasy. So don't cock block yourself by saying weird or controversial shit.
Dating Asian Girls:

The key to setting up a date with an Asian girl in College or Grad School is using the phrase: Study Break. Memorize this phrase because it is your key to China Vagina. Asian girls love talking about how busy they are with school. Help them rationalize forgoing productivity for reproductivity by saying something like: "Wow O Chem sounds so much worse than my Jurisprudence class. You should come over for a study break. My bros are going to watch football and eat ribs. An Asian girl who is somewhat attracted to you can't say no to that. It gives her an exciting White guy story where she did White things, that she can use for social validation. $20 spent on ribs and mashed potatoes is a great price for Vietnamese Tunnel. Also girls who just ate are more fun, happier and easier to fuck.
Contrast Game:

The essence of Contrast Game is doing the opposite of what Average Frustrated Chumps do. When flirting with Asian girls AFC's default to cultural sensitivity. What country are you parents from? Oh that's so cool my brother went on vacation in China . That's weak and kills conversation faster than smartphones. Which is why you should default to mild to moderate cultural insensitivity. Girls who don't enjoy insensitivity may be "Mattress Girl" tier SJWs, so its good to screen them early. Here are some things to try: If she hits you accuse her of Karate chopping. Occasionally remind her that this is America and that we have freedom here. If she says "Wow that's fucked up." Agree. Don't apologize.
In the 90's and early 2000's weird, fat awkward, middle class White guys could score hot Asian women. Those days are long gone. White women have become so insufferable that they have driven up the SMV of Asians. Asian girls are no longer the easy option they once were. Luckily for you GayLubeOil has imbued you with all the necessary knowledge you need to succeed in the modern dating environment, and do what you were born to do:
Stuff Your White Meat Into Asian Girls

sadly though , a lot of his advice is spot on.

asian women do not like asia-philes. they want someone who is foreign and not a wannabe. showing off your anime collection or your english teaching experience in japan is NOT A PLUS.

also this guy is quite psychological as he knows some mild racism WILL ATTRACT MANY WHITE-WASHED ASIAN WOMEN

this guy knows how to trigger the asian woman's internalized self hatred with racist jabs.

also notice how the last things these guys want to date is a white woman.

yet in 2017, I am seeing asian dudes with white females everywhere. the world is really strange right now
All this redpill theory is BS. Meet a girl with a good relationship with her father and everything will be okay.
The sad truth is that the PUA stuff works (e.g. neuro-linguistic programming, neg hits, mimicking, etc.). He's just modifying the techniques to account for racial differences. The guy is spot on about 3rd generation and higher Asian women. They become Americanized and are as bad as white women. First and second generation Asians are better than white women in almost every way. The only real advantage that white women have is that mixed kids tend to have psychological issues stemming from not having a racial identity.
it works to some extent but it's rarely authentic

it works to bed the women, but to make a woman love you you have to be a real man psychologically.

you have to be comfortable with yourself.

if you're comfortable with yourself you can say anything and get girls

I always opened with canned lines and it has always worked. shit like "hey where you from" " oh yeah?" " Cool" then go on with other shit.

it works most of the time. most girls will talk to you if you do not exude the creep factor.
Don't forget the sideways cooch.
Lots of guys use PUA techniques without even knowing it. Socially awkward guys are really just the guys who haven't learned this stuff. The techniques themselves really just get the foot in the door or get you laid, but to keep a woman is a different thing altogether.
My favorite was from the other day.

Now every time I see an Asian girl and white man together, the first thought that comes to mind is "she found her White Prince Charming".

That cracks me up for some reason.

I think there is something to it but I assume it kind of has to do with the idolization of Western culture.

And the white male is seen as the embodiment of that.

Asian women who are still connected and have strong roots in their own culture will most likely still prefer an Asian man.

I could be wrong, I'm not an expert on this stuff.
Mystery is almost 50 years old. The fact that girls even give him the time of the day at clubs at his age shows he is legit. However it is mostly due to natural charisma and cannot be taught for the most part imo.

a lot of those things are staged to lull the sheep

50 year old dudes can def. pull tail if they have some status

most of the top DJs in the techno scene are quite old and girls throw themselves at them
Back when I was in college Mystery was just coming into the PUA community. He looked like Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush. Having good looks certainly didn't hurt his chances with women and he was smart enough to know that they weren't enough. In fact I remember that when his looks were brought up he'd say that he really wasn't good looking but simply had one flattering picture of himself. Lots of guy who are just average looking use his techniques (and others developed over the years) with success. There's a whole community of men who relate their experiences with each other and weed out what doesn't work and what does. Guys have to be willing to put in the work and master the techniques though.
in the old days women used to go to school to attract men.. they were called finishing schools or ettiquete schools. they teach you the proper way to sit and eat a hamburger on a date.

nowadays women no longer attend these classes, instead men attend these NLP-lite classes in the hopes of picking up women

my buddha how times have changed
Now women just slut themselves out on Tinder or in the clubs to find a man. We're becoming an r-selected species.
[Image: chart-2015-babies_born_to_unmarried_mothers.jpg]
fruit of the 2nd vatican council. rises sharply after 1960 or so.

these people actually claim that being raised by single parents is a good thing
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