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Full Version: Driver enraged by car kicking motorcycist causes chainreaction on CA freeway
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Wow! The amazing thing about that is that the motorcycle came away unscathed.

So who is to blame there? The motorcycle for starting it or the car driver for trying to kill the biker?

I kicked a car once on the DC beltway. The idiot just started changing lanes right over onto me. I kicked his car and got his attention. Dumb thing to do but sometimes as a biker you get frustrated with cars.
I can't believe the car was able to flip that truck over.

Was that a Nissan pickup? Do not want.
why road rage over this?

imagine if he did that to a cop, he would for sure be run over or at least rammed into.
people on the roads are so goddamn angry in the US.

the funny thing is americans woudl rather get into an accident than give up their right of way

So who is at fault there, EY? The biker for kicking the car or the car driver for trying to ram the biker?
the biker is more at fault imo.

he provoked the situation by kicking the guy's car, a threatening gesture.

I would also say it was instinctual that he rammed the guy because he probably didn't know what was going on or what he was going to do.

the biker could have had a gun.

Using cop logic, the biker is 100% at fault.
i always find it funny how pedestrians never look when they cross the road assuming they have the right of way and cars will stop automatically

in China, the CAR has the right of way.. which is bad but it's how their materialist society works. you have a car so you have money, so I will yield to you

yielding to pedestrians is greaet, but the pedestrians should not assume all cars will stop.
The car's at fault. The biker's kick was no danger to the car at that speed. The car then tried to kill the biker.

Also, that being California it means that lane-splitting is legal. The car is actually driving on the white line inside the carpool lane which is where the biker is supposed to drive.
yeah but it could be construed as an attack.

in the US I have seen guns pulled on people while on the road. some dude gets angry and waves a gun out the window to warn.

who knows what the biker was packing heat. again i'm using cop logic.

using your head , the car is wrong.. but if you use your heart, the bike is wrong because he provoked it and brought the situation onto himself
plus why do they even allow motorcylcles on the road?

if they allow motorcycles they should be more lax about car safety laws.

why fine you over a seatbelt when you have guys on motorcycles that can fly off their bike anytime?

using USA safety logic, motorcycles should be banned on the freeway. local is probably ok though
Whats worse is they allow bicycles on the road. A couple of months ago I almost got into into a fight with a cyclist who tried to overtake me on the right as I was parking on the side of the road, right in front of a sign that says "bike route ends here". Lots of Pedestrians and riders that share the road with larger vehicles act all self righteous for some reason. Im not sure of its envy or what.
bicycle riders are even more annoying with their ridiculous aggressive hand gestures. super hard and stiff movements like they're super important and ECO. Ridiculous bastards

the hell is wrong with people? just ride a bike like a chinese:

[Image: bike1_mini.jpg]
The guy in the car can't drive for shit.

How the fuck did he get so out of control?
ironically today some motorcyclist yelled at me on the freeway because I passed him and he was in the center dividing lane. idiot
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