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Full Version: Police brutality in my motherland
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Now compare that to the Rodney King video or any from Sub Saharan Africa and tell me who the savage cannibals are./

In case youre wondering those two dudes getting beaten are refusing to identify their co-offenders.

What did those poor guys do?
I fucked up, they are prison escapees and they dont want to snitch on the dudes that didnt get caught.

Knowing what happens in Fijian police stations Im glad the video ends there.

With subtitles
Crazy vid.

I was ready to shut if off when they started prodding around his butt hole with that stick.
The end result was still far better than what happened to Rodney King, also imagine this was in China dudes would have been shot live on TV.
I imagine this is the way cops handle things in many places around the world. In fact I know it is.

What was this about Satan, was it just an interrogation?
Main guy in the truck as an escapee from a local prison, other dude is a get away driver and they are trying to get them to tell them where the third guy is.

They wont talk and the cops wont buy it. Never ever snitch on a friend unless he has raped a kid or some shit in which case kill them yourself.
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