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Full Version: My Review of Homeland Season One (Spoilers)
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Review of Homeland Season One (Spoilers)

Neocon Hollywood executive Howard Gordon returns to the small screen with Homeland, another propaganda paean to the Security and Surveillance State. Recall that Gordon was one of the forces behind the series 24, designed to condition or soften up the American public for the New World Order (NWO) objectives of warrantless wiretapping, constant video surveilance, torture and targeted assassination of American citizens.

Having used the United States military as part of their "neighborhood improvement" project in the middle east, the NWO now shamelessly seeks to demonize them as part of their gun grabbing domestic agenda.

Homeland revolves primarily around the interaction between mid-level CIA analyst Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Iraq War POW Marine Sgt. Nicolas Brody (Damien Lewis), returning home after 8 years in captivity. Carrie had received a confession from one of her sources, before his execution, that terrorists had turned an American POW. It is her suspicion and investigation of Brody that fuels the drama.

Homeland to its credit does not use a cartoon villian. Instead, the main antagonist is a terrorist leader with the Dickensian name of Abu Nazir (get it, NAZIr), whose motivation is a form of blowback and not the ridiculous "they hate us for our freedoms".


The acting is uniformly superb. Damien Lewis probably has the toughest assignment, since he must walk a tightrope: has Brody been turned or not, and if so, why? His relationship with his wife, daughter and son, whom he has not seen in 8 years, also presents an acting challenge. Claire Danes is such a fine actress that one almost believes her character's line that "I'll be alone my whole life." Uh, no, Claire, women that look like you will not be alone for long, even if they are as batcrap crazy as your character. Veteran character actor Mandy Patinkin, who plays Claire's direct CIA supervisor Saul Berenson, also deserves mention. Again, one almost believes him when a character with Saul's background states that he opposed the use of torture.

New World Order (NWO)

At the broadest level, of course, this entire series is a NWO exercise. Even so, it is worth noting an additional, more specific injection of the NWO agenda. Carrie, it turns out, can only function at her superagent best on Big Pharma psychotropic drugs. Are you f*cking kidding me? It is not like psychotropic drug users have shot up schools, movie theatres, work places, etc. Oh wait . . .

Whether terrorism or psychotropic drugs is a bigger threat to the planet might make for an interesting discussion.

Hollywood Gay Mafia (HGM)

The HGM makes its presence felt in two respects in Homeland. First, the two main female actresses, Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin (who plays Brody's wife), fit the well known HGM prototype (see also Maggie Q of Nikita): stunningly beautiful facial features together with the physique of an adolescent male.

Second, in an interesting plot twist, a Saudi diplomat with terrorist connections happens to be gay. Carrie and Saul attempt to blackmail him with this information, but he brazenly claims that his wives already know and then utters the words that the HGM has waited years, nay decades, to put into the mouth (so to speak) of a character on a major television show: "I love to s*ck c*ck!! Yummy yummy yummy!!!"

But wait, Carrie is able to successfully turn him by threatening to get his daughter thrown out of an Ivy League university. LOL. Let me get this straight--exposing a homosexual in Saudi Arabia: no problem; having to attend university outside the United States: oh the horror! Ok guys, whatever you say.


Three and a Half Out of Four Stars. Excellent writing, superb acting. Many plot turns and "reveals", plus, best of all, a fascinating window into the neocon mind and what the NWO has in store for us with respect to the Security and Surveillance State.
Can't wait for next season. One of my favorite series out besides The Game Of Thrones.
Great review.

I enjoy the show, but it's not hard to see the propaganda angle.

Apart from what you mentioned Roland, there also the linking of Iran and Hezbollah with Al Qaeda - they are sworn enemies. This isn't surprising, though, since the show is based on a Israelis series, and the co-creator (Gideon Raff) is an Israeli.
Great Review Roland.
To the top
Also: the entire CIA counter-terrorism group is this grossly underfunded tiny department with like 2 analysts and 3 field agents/techies, and 1 white van. The only reason they ever get anything done is one of the analysts goes rogue and above the call of duty. I don't think there's any question in viewer's minds after watching this show that we need to increase funding for these programs!
Just finishing up my review of Season 2, which should be ready by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for this EY.com exclusive!!!
Great analysis, although i'm not sure I agree with the description of Morena Baccarin. She may have short hair in the show, but I would not describe her body as being similar to that of an adolescent boy, although I get the point.

[Image: morena_baccarin_black_and_grey.jpg]

Claire Danes on the other hand, I concur whole heartedly.

[Image: high-reshomeland_109_0368-2-_wide-91151b...s6-c30.jpg]
^ Excellent insights as usual, Professor.

I will address this in my review of Season 2.
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