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It's really hard to fathom how this was let to go on for so many years. I think they finally shut this juvenile prison down in 2012. Some of the stories from there are just shocking.


Appalling Abuses at 'Dozier Reform School' in Marianna, Florida Exposed to Public!

By John G. Kays

Robert Straley, one of the few survivors of a group known as the `White House Boys,` has deemed the appalling
atrocities of Dozier Reform School (really, Dozier Youth Prison) "the worst case of child abuse in American City!"
Those of us who are just getting wind of this harrowing horror story are beginning to fathom the authenticity of what
Robert Straley is testament to, although another side of us utters in our ear: Is this John Carpenter`s newest horror

No it isn't, this is historical; this is a weathered slice of journalism that slowly emerges from a grave of hush-up and
oppression, a throw-back to the Old South, when blacks and whites were separated, and more importantly, when
good and bad kids were completely segregated from one another. I'm thinking, in the minds of these demented Youth
Prison Administrators (and their underling henchman guards), this unspoken social demarcation line (between good
kids and bad kids) gave them open license to commit these abuses.
The White House is where these leather strap beatings took place; some boys
never returned to their dormitory, while others survived and are finally speaking
out about the Hell House, known as Dozier Reform School, whose abandoned
shell of ruins and makeshift grave markers is located in Marianna
(northern-most, central Florida). This reform school, created exclusively to
separate the perceived "rotten apples of society" has a history going back all
the way to 1900. That`s 112 years, has this insanity, this socially sanctioned
criminal behavior, been going on ever since then?

As shocking as it appears, I believe it is true! Naturally, Dozier didn't keep very
good records, or the records they did keep must have been falsified, in order
to cover up what they were really all about, which is starting to resemble more a
Nazi Concentration Camp, where they could freely torture boys who had been
condemned by the "powers that be" a small group of authoritative individuals
which local historical documents can probably identify.

I assume, the trouble of what transpired at this haunted reform school, for more
than a hundred years, will see the light of day, now that so many educated
people are getting involved, such as the USF anthropology professor, Erin
Kimmerle, who has discovered verifiable evidence of a second, hidden
cemetery on the south side of the campus (where the white kids were buried,
which is in keeping with the segregated traditions in place after The Civil War,
actually). Hopefully, more historians, journalists, and private investigators will
begin probes that will uncover these ills, which we would prefer to forget forever.

Yet we can`t do that, it would be irresponsible of us! And yet, I have to ask, how
could these reform school administrators have gotten away with this travesty
for so many years? 112 years is a long time to commit publicly sanctioned
`social crimes` (well, here`s the oxymoron right here!) and get away with it,
scott free! And another question that comes to mind, is why didn`t the families
request that the remains of their beloved children be returned to them, after
they learned of their untimely demise? I suspect, it was out of fear of this
institution, since it was the State of Florida!

It`s good that at least the facts of one case has been exposed to clear air . This
is the shocker of Owen Smith, who was shot to death at Dozier by guards (in
1940), perhaps as he attempted to flee from these possessed henchmen, who
he probably suspected were dead set on killing him anyhow. Witnesses saw the
shooting, so we know it`s real, Owen Smith (who aspired to be a musician) was
murdered by this demented institution. But how many other kids were killed by
these twisted people, who worked for this `reform school?` More investigative
research must proceed immediately!


Troy Tidwell brutally beat thousands of boys while employed at the Florida School for Boys at Marianna. Some boys never returned from their beating at the White House Torture Chamber. At this school boys were beaten, molested and some killed at the hands of their caretakers. Fifty years l;ater more than 325 men have come forward to tell their stories of horror.

This guy just seems evil...

Here's the youtube link in case embed doesn't work.


one of the victims of this guy:
[Image: a4s_marianna070309_74876a_8col.jpg]
Jerry Cooper has always lived an insult away from assault. He has been cuffed in parking lots, chained inside jail cells, ordered to anger management classes. He is surprised he has yet to kill a man.

All that meanness started one night in 1960, he says, when he was a 16-year-old ward of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna. A one-armed man dragged him to a building called the White House and hit him 135 times with a leather strap.

Now that man claims it never happened. Even though more than 325 former inmates say they were beaten at the state-run school, the old guard, Troy Tidwell, says he never gave a boy more than a dozen state-sanctioned licks.

"Spankings," he called it.

One of them is lying. Cooper drove from Cape Coral to Tampa on Thursday to prove it isn't him.

• • •

"The purpose of this exam today is to test you on the truthfulness of your experience at the boys school," says Mike Alaiwat, a forensic psychophysiologist.

Jerry Cooper sits facing a blank wall at the base of a tall office building in Tampa. Alaiwat has attached medical devices to Cooper's torso, his arm, his fingertips. The devices measure breathing fluctuations, heart rate and the heat in Cooper's fingertips.

Cooper paid $400 for this test himself. He picked at random Alaiwat, who has nine years in the field.

Polygraph tests aren't typically admissible in court, but Cooper felt like he had to do something. It's been two months since he and other men were featured in a St. Petersburg Times special report, "For Their Own Good." The civil lawsuit the men filed against Tidwell and several state departments is lumbering along. An FDLE investigation into the Florida School for Boys, now called the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, hasn't turned up much. Criminal charges against the aging former guards appear unlikely. And Jerry Cooper can't sit still and just take it.

Alaiwat will ask Cooper a series of questions. Some pertain to the beating while others are innocuous. If Cooper lies, Alaiwat will know because Cooper's heart rate will increase, his breathing will fluctuate or his fingers will sweat.

Cooper has given Alaiwat three questions — the industry standard — in advance. He crafted the questions after watching Troy Tidwell deny beating boys in a deposition in late May, a video he could not watch twice. He has not slept much since he decided to do this four days ago. His wife waits in the lobby.

Question 1: "Did Troy Tidwell give you more than 30 lashes that night he thought you had information on a runner?"

Cooper remembers that night. He was 15. He'd been sent to the school after police caught him riding in a stolen car with an AWOL Marine. Things were okay for the first few weeks.

That night, he was sleeping in Roosevelt Cottage when two men woke him up.

What do you know about a runner? one man asked.

I don't know anything about a runner, Cooper replied.


He was dragged in his white nightgown to the White House, forced down on a bloody mattress and told to grab the bed rail. Someone shoved Cooper's nightgown between his legs.

Then he heard a strap cut the air.

"Yes," Cooper replies.

Question 2: "Did Mr. Tidwell and two other staff give you more than 100 lashes that night at the White House?"

That first lick lifted him off the spring mattress, and they kept coming.

Cooper played quarterback on the football team and put up with a mean stepfather. He knew how to deal with pain.

You're nothing but a g- - - - - - - - liar! the man said and he slapped Cooper's face. Cooper scrambled, trying to flee. The men forced him down. One punched him in the mouth. Another mashed his toe.

Another man took the strap. When he tired, another. The boy waiting in another room counted to 135.

"Yes," Cooper says.

Question 3: "Were you told to wrap towels around your body that night to keep blood off your mattress?"

Cooper woke up on the floorboard of a state car. His thighs and buttocks were swollen. His nightgown was splattered red. He had trouble walking.

His cottage father escorted him inside and told him to put Vaseline on his injuries and to wrap two towels around his waist and tie them in place with a sheet.

The next morning, he peeled the towels off and backed toward the mirror. His rear was black and crusted. He swore he'd never let anyone hurt him again.

"Yes," Cooper says.

• • •

When the test is over, Cooper is crying. His hands shake in front of his face.

"I'm sorry," he says. "This isn't me.

"Could you tell my wife to come in?"

Babbs Cooper knew this would be hard. She has lived with his anger for 28 years.

"I walk 10 steps behind him," she says.

She wasn't sure he should come. No one asked him to do this. She knew the lawyers were apprehensive.

And what if he failed?

She saw how mad her husband grew when he watched Tidwell deny beating the boys, even though so many of them told the same story.

How could the old man not show some mercy and tell the truth? she wondered.

She sees her husband in the corner and rushes to him. She holds his head as he sobs.

"I passed," he says. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," she says. "It's okay."

Alaiwat closes his computer.

"There was no deception indicated," he says. "It appears that Mr. Cooper is being truthful regarding his experience with Mr. Tidwell and other staff in the White House at the Florida School for Boys."

Outside, Cooper lights a cigarette. The man who still bears the scars from his beating says he feels great. He says he'd like to challenge Troy Tidwell to take a polygraph test.

Ben Montgomery can be reached at bmontgomery@sptimes.com or (727) 893-8650.


Quote:On September 16 1998 a resident of the school lost his right arm in a washing machine. The state was found guilty. A lawsuit was filed against the institution and the plaintiff won for an undisclosed amount in 2003.

there is some sick sick shit going on in the US. SICK
Here's the unmarked grave where a lot of the kids were buried;

[Image: Dozier-School-crosses-840x440.jpg]

Here is The White House where the abuses took place;

[Image: whitehouse__140221210631.jpg]

Bloody handprint on the wall in a room where beatings took place.

[Image: 0430809832_10536200_8col.jpg]
(05-21-2017 06:23 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]OH MY BUDDHA

Quote:On September 16 1998 a resident of the school lost his right arm in a washing machine. The state was found guilty. A lawsuit was filed against the institution and the plaintiff won for an undisclosed amount in 2003.

there is some sick sick shit going on in the US. SICK

There's sick stuff going on everywhere. Sick people everywhere.

Can you imagine how young black kids were treated in this place in the early 1900's? There was still a large KKK presence back then in the Mariana area. I'm sure some of them probably worked there. For a long time the place was segregated and whites and blacks were kept in different parts of the prison.
how could they run this place for 100 years with these types of abuses
(05-21-2017 07:06 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]how could they run this place for 100 years with these types of abuses

The place has come under law enforcement investigation some 10 times over the 100 years history of the place. I think they clean up their act and then go right back to the same sort of abuse.

This was taking place in 2007 still;

Thursday Feb 22nd 2007
FBI :To whom it may concern,

My name is Mark Caldwell, I am the father of Justin Caldwell who is being mentally and physically abused at Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Florida. He was originally incarcerated at the Elaine Gordon Treatment Facility for Boys, in Broward County Florida for a treatment program lasting for 12 to 15 months this was at the age of 13 [ 2002 ] after approx. one year and an arm broken by a staff member he was transfered to Dozier where he is still incarcerated.

While at Dozier he has had his face smashed into a door by Mr. Miller a staff member who also threatened to kill him twice.My son has been " Choked Out " which means choked from behind until he looses consciousness so many times he does not remember. He has witnessed the abuse of other juveniles as well, and approx 3 weeks ago he had his head banged repeatedly on a concrete floor on 2 different occasions the 2nd of which he had to go to Jackson county hospital for a Cat Scan because he lost consciousness.

The first incident happened in the dinning hall when Justin brushed by a staff member named Mr. Wooten who became irritated and took Justin to the floor put his hands around Justin's neck choked him and began banging Justin's head on the floor, because it happened in the dinning hall there are many witnesses, and a staff member Mr. Spears later told Justin that Mr. Wooten used excessive force.

The 2nd incident occurred in Roosevelt Cottage when a staff member by the first name of Albert ask Justin to stand up, then said are you going to sit down Caldwell, to which Justin replied you just asked me to stand up sir, the staff then grabbed Justin by the throat and kicked Justin's feet out from under him, taking Justin to the floor with his hands around Justin's neck, him being Albert the staff member began banging Justin's head on the concrete floor, staff member then got off of Justin, when Justin stood up he said he felt dizzy and fell into another staff members arms.

He then remembers waking up in the middle of the floor and he heard a staff member ask Albert if he was scared this is when staff was called to take Justin to the hospital.There are many things that happen like this at Dozier frequently, and there are witnesses and there is also a staff member named Latoya Terri that witnessed an incident and the falsifying of reports and she has been fired.

There are to many incidents of abuse to write about you need to talk to Justin Caldwell and the other youth at Dozier. My son and the other youth at Dozier are supposed to receive help and this is abuse instead and it is criminal to treat our children this way!

Please help my son!

Mark Caldwell
Email : caldwell7233@gulftel.com
Phone : 251-947-9477

Well my son Justin Caldwell went to court today for his arraignment, he pleaded not guilty, and refused a public defender, which is what I wanted him to do. They set his next court date for April 10th 2007 in Marianna Florida, on the charge of "battery on a detention staff", when in fact the detention staff, Mr. Wooten assaulted my son, now I need help with an attorney, my son is innocent of this cover up charge, and not an attorney from Marianna fl. I believe they are with the judge, or buddy,buddy, my son also said they said he would be facing 5 more years if found guilty, so I need help, my son told me the judge was already shaking his head and saying, no, no, no, when he tried to speak!!!

Sincerely Mark Caldwell posted by Isabelle Zehnder at 12:33 AM on Apr 16, 2007
how could they jail a 13 year old in that kind of place for a year?

this is cruel and unusual punishment.

the US is fucking scary. shit like this would not happen in Korea, Japan or WEstern Europe
I found a website dedicated to people that suffered through the worst times there. Some of the horror stories on this one page make your hackles rise;

One thing that I never mentioned on this thread is that I was sent to this place back in the 70's. I was an out of control 16 year old and this was my punishment.
At least you didn't turn out like Don!
why thank you for bringing it up

i ascended by becoming a model, upper class white collar and responsible father/husband.
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