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Full Version: Is there still any chance of Angelina Jollie drying a slow painful death?
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I mean anything is possible but can the Doc or some other medically trained persons give me some options to pray for here please?

Could there be cancer cells in her spine still or some shit?

Help me out here people!
Her odds of getting ovarian cancer are roughly 50%. Yeah. Unless she's had those removed too, which hasn't been reported yet in the news.

There's still a 5% chance of her getting breast cancer, as well, simply from the residual tissue which is impossible to remove entirely

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Those are some shitty odds.
Lmao @ shitty genetics.

Just goes to show you that sometimes, even hard work and discipline are not enough. R. I. P. sweet tits

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no I meant odds of her dying a slow painful death.

Bitch looks Maori to me, never knew what dudes saw in that horse legged war monger
you're Satan and you're asking us?

So much for all this "Bringer of all evil" bullshit God is trying to lay on me.
You hook her up me with me and I'll give her a slow painful life.
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