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Full Version: 7 Changes that Pope Francis has made in one appearance
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1. Changed the golden throne by a wooden chair... Says it was more appropriate for the disciple of a carpenter.

2. Did not want the gold-embroidered red stole, Heir of the Roman Empire, nor the red chasuble.

3. Uses same old black shoes, not the classic red prada shoes. Which incidentally was the inspiration for the movie title, the Devil wore Prada.

4. Uses a metal cross, not one of rubies and diamonds.

5. His papal ring is silver, not gold.

6. Uses the same black pants under the cassock, he says that it is to remember that he is a another priest.

7. Removed the red carpet... His supporters say that he is not interested in fame and applause.
Money has to serve, not to rule - Pope

theologically he seems similar to B16.

i think it's good that they are doing this. the luxury is rooted in tradition but it rubs people the wrong way
Conspiracy researcher Webster Tarpley says the new pope is the one of the key anti-NWO forces in the world today
another redneck thread cited by a blog

I missed this the first time around, awesome picture comparison. Makes me wonder what was wrong with previous popes...
the pomp and ornamentation is part of the tradition.

Sometimes they go too far though.
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