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Full Version: Grandpa Wolfgang is Back: On The BBC Sandy Hook Feature & Why Trump Will expose
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this was released relatively recently. Aj's FINAL STATEMENT ON SANDY HOOK

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Quote:Natasha Vonoskabaya4 months ago
Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

When I first saw people questioning the validity of the event, I thought they were nuts. I was curious though, so I looked and to my surprise, I came to the same conclusion.

Sandy Hook was clearly coordinated as a drill between FEMA, Homeland Security and the CIA and promoted as a real event. Nobody died. It was a movie. FAKE.

All one has to do is research Sandy Hook for 5 minutes and the cracks appear immediately.

Gun Grabbing Idiots staging false flags to propagandize the masses into believing violent autistic kids can walk into a school and commit mass murder all by his lonesome.

In addition, the FBI never listed any of the alleged children in their database of deaths for that year.

Sandy Hook is a hoax. Nobody Died.
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