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Full Version: Court of Public Opinion on Trump: Compilation of Pro/Con Posts From Around the Web
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Quote:spoony g1 day ago
Jeff I agree with you 100% that either Trump was a complete CON MAN from the start or he and his family have been threatened, and he is now doing exactly what the establishment wants. Either way it would be better if he leaves the White House because he is no longer effective, if he was at any point.There is something MORE TROUBLING Jeff, and that is that I think that this Russian Hacking NONSENSE and wiretapping of Trump is all a diversion to keep people from thinking about the ESCALATION in Yemen, and more troops being put into Syria. And it seems like the Government of Israel is getting nervous because ISIS is losing and on the run in Syria, and do not forget most of the Congress CRITTERS are highly influenced by the government of Israel.Jeff Rense is one of the few in the independent media that will admit that he was wrong about Trump, and that Trump could have been a CON MAN from the start. Alex Jones is still cheering Trump on and Mike Rivero is still making excuses for Trump.

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Quote:Rat Bastard ✓ Kara • 9 hours ago
I won't lie, I am VERY disappointed in Donald.

Backing and supporting Ryan's worse than obamacare, when he promised repeal FIRST and then a replacement.

His speech where he said concerning DACA Illegal "I have a Big Heart" instead of day one rescinding Obama's DACA EO.

Saying he doesn't want to see Hillary investigated, indicted and imprisoned pizzes me off.

Bringing in the Snakes to his Cabinet, and Administration a broken promise.

Accusing Hillary of Goldman/Sachs ties and then BRINGING Goldman/Sachs people on board enlarging the swamp.

I was a VERY enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump based on his promises, now I am becoming disillusioned, the only plus I am seeing is he is NOT the Hildebeast.

A+ though for his attempts at halting refugees from those seven Muslim Country's and for cutting ICE loose to start deporting and getting the Wall Started again, and jobs a most excellent job there.

Other then that, CRAP thus far because he is listening to and taking the advice of Swamp Snake RINO's like Ryan!!!!!!!!!
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