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Full Version: 19 yr old Israeli Jew arrested for Jewish community bomb threats
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I for one am shocked.

Israel police arrest suspect in threats on US Jewish targets


JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man as the primary suspect in a string of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers and other institutions in the U.S., marking a potential breakthrough in the case.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld described the suspect as a hacker, but said his motives were still unclear. Israeli media identified him as an American-Israeli dual citizen and said he had been found unfit for compulsory service in the Israeli military.

"He's the guy who was behind the JCC threats," Rosenfeld said, referring to the dozens of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centers in the U.S. over the past two months.

The FBI, which had taken part in the investigation, confirmed the arrest but had no other comment.

The Anti-Defamation League says there have been more than 150 bomb threats against Jewish community centers and day schools in 37 states and two Canadian provinces since Jan. 9. Those threats led to evacuations of the buildings, upset Jewish communities and raised fears of rising anti-Semitism. The threats were accompanied by acts of vandalism on several Jewish cemeteries.

The threats led to criticism of President Donald Trump's administration for not speaking out fast enough. Last month, the White House denounced the threats and rejected "anti-Semitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms."

U.S. authorities have also arrested a former journalist from St. Louis for allegedly threatening Jewish organizations. Juan Thompson has been indicted in New York on one count of cyberstalking.

But Israeli police described the local man as the primary suspect in the wave of threats.

Israeli police said the suspect made dozens of calls claiming to have placed bombs in public places and private companies, causing panic and "significant economic damage," and disrupting public order, including by the hurried evacuations of a number of public venues around the world. The man is suspected of placing threatening phone calls to Australia, New Zealand and also within Israel.

Rosenfeld said the man called Delta Airlines in February 2015 and made a false threat about explosives aboard a flight from JFK airport in New York. The threat allegedly led to an emergency landing.

Rosenfeld said the man, from the south of Israel, used advanced technologies to mask the origin of his calls and communications to synagogues, community buildings and public venues. He said police searched his house Thursday morning and discovered antennas and satellite equipment.

"He didn't use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn't be backtracked," Rosenfeld said.

After an intensive investigation in cooperation with FBI representatives who arrived in Israel, as well as other police organizations from various countries, technology was used to track down the suspect, Rosenfeld said.
So thus far they've arrested a black journalist and an Israeli Jew for making these bomb threats. However surely the next guy will be the Trump supporting alt-right skinhead militia member we all know is lurking under the bed and in the shadows, plotting to resurrect the Third Reich and end the world as we know it.
didn't Trump hint that some of them might be false flag anti-semitic attacks?
[Image: 24jcc1-master768.jpg]
so a lot of groups used these incidents as a pretext to get amazon to start banning books they deemed anti-jewish.
this is the other guy arrested for making bomb threats against jewish community centers:

[Image: 04arrest-superJumbo-v2.jpg]

where are the skinhead nazis?

Trump vindicated:

‘Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad,’

- the orange man
Just a little more vindication for the people that have been saying for years that anti semetism is a creation of organized jewry to keep the jews scared and afraid of anti semetism to keep their policies in place and justify all manner of political chicanery.
jewish publication forward deemed this a far right political conspiracy theory. what will they say now?

[Image: 8bb2dab636d148d7904461d4c271f784.png]

this isn't an isolated incident. there are dozens upon dozens of cases of false flag anti-semitism
wapost comment from when the orange man first made those comments:

Quote:Rand March
3/1/2017 5:50 AM PST
6) The most recent and most telling: Trump's assertion that the current wave of anti-Semitic activity is designed to "make people look bad". Firstly, I can't imagine anything which could make neo-Nazis, skinheads, Klansmen and other "supremacists" look worse than simply identifying them as what they are. Secondly and most importantly, to even HINT, without substantial supporting evidence, that Jews call in bomb threats to the schools attended by our own children and synagogues in which we, ourselves, pray, and that we would desecrate the graves of our families to "make people look bad" isn't merely absurd. It isn't merely disgusting. It is an obscenity which cannot be erased by any amount of back-pedaling, denial or even apology

cannot be erased?

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the Israeli court issued a gag order that prevents his name from being released. he is also covering his face.what gives?

why give protection to such a heinous anti-semite?

[Image: 24JCC-SUB-master768.jpg]

[Image: eeb61eb5fce843e6b0668e0edff17e74.png]
WAPOST with a pro trump opinion piece. the MSM is nowhere near as anti-trump as people think. lots of positive stories:

Quote:19-year-old American-Israeli Jew arrested in JCC bomb threats
By David Bernstein March 23 at 9:10 AM
An earlier version of this post misstated the age of the man arrested in the threats to Jewish community centers. This post has been updated.

Israeli authorities report that they have arrested an 19-year-old American Jew who moved to Israel in connection with the series of threats to Jewish community centers in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that have gotten so much publicity. He is alleged to be responsible for most of the threats. His exact motivation is apparently unknown at this time.

I blame President Trump.

More seriously, some of us argued against jumping to rash conclusions about the origins, motivations and seriousness in terms of American Jewish security of these threats, and we were met with derision, even allegations of being apologists for anti-Semitism. Even if the threats had been the work of an anti-Semitic alt-righter, one nutter with a phone shouldn’t cause panic, nor should one nutter’s actions be used to extrapolate wild exaggerations about the declining safety of American Jews. But as I noted, various groups and individuals had an incentive to hype the “threat,” and, not incidentally, blame it on Trump.

Note also what this does not mean. It does not mean that all reported hate crimes, or all reported anti-Semitic hate crimes, are a hoax. Most of them are not, and the anti-truck bomb barriers in front of my local JCCs and Jewish day schools bear witness to actual threats. It also does not mean, as I’ve seen way too many commenters on the Web assert, that all anti-Semitism in the United States and/or around the world comes either from the left or from Muslims. That is not just false, but egregiously false, and people on the right have no warrant to avert their eyes from the anti-Semitism that does exist on the right. Obviously, it also doesn’t excuse the actual anti-Semitism that has emanated from alt-right circles even if the level and significance of that anti-Semitism have been overblown.

Unfortunately, the points above will be lost on many, and the fight against actual anti-Semitism and other forms of racism will likely have been dealt a blow because self-serving groups such as the Anti-Defamation League chose to hype and politicize the threats without any idea of their actual origin. The ADL’s board of directors needs to clean house to regain credibility, starting with anyone who publicly attributed the bomb threats to emboldened white supremacists.
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