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Full Version: Readers comments in reply to #Fake News from the Daily Fail
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Pro-EU think-tank says Russia and Syria could be orchestrating migrant sex attacks to swing the upcoming German elections

Gustav Gressel, from the European Council on Foreign Relations, warned that refugees could carry out orchestrated sex attacks, prompted by Russia
He said this would destabilise Angela Merkel ahead of September's election
Merkel has already warned about Russian interference
It follows mass reports of sex reports in Germany last New Year's Eve

A selection of reader comments:

Quote:friendlyhacker, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 3 months ago

so its true, our news sites are just as nonsensical as america's were during the election!

Quote:B Have, Birnam Forest, United States, 3 months ago

The Russians keep hiding my car keys. I can never find em.

Quote:gremlin, London, United Kingdom, 3 months ago

When I have begun to translate comments to the Russian colleagues they have begun to laugh hysterical, rolling on a floor, begging me to stop.

Quote:World Observer11, Lancs, United Kingdom, 3 months ago


Quote:logal1504, Ny, Russia, 3 months ago

You are really mad.
Dr.Fyndall, Bagshot, United Kingdom, 3 months ago

The left mess up everything they touch. Who do they think will believe this nonsense?

Quote:afkresident, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 3 months ago

Wow.... just wow. I stubbed my toe on the door this morning.... Russias fault.

Quote:Old Fogey, Middle Britain, United Kingdom, 3 months ago

No doubt this fake news came from the EU's fledgling Ministry of Truth.

Quote:SUSAN, OLDHAM, 3 months ago

Paranoia will annoy ya.

the left wing idiots are truly the true tin foil hat brigade

most of the right wing assertions have been proven true

LMFAO @ russia orchestrating sex attacks in the EU

so ridiculous it is beyond words
Out of all the comments, and there were many, I counted one that was anti-Russian, and it was voted down.
i was just in Northern Europe. Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam etc.

most of the migrants are MEN.

i saw them hanging around in Berlin and Cologne.

groups of military age men roaming the streets with no muslim women in sight.

How is it surprising that some of these high testosterone migrants would get turned on by the pretty blondes in that area and commit sexual assault?

now these idiots are accusing Russia of orchestrating this? LMFAO

Liberals remain liberal until forced to live by their own policies.
I tell these liberals who support this in Europe. OPEN YOUR OWN DOORS TO THESE PEOPLE. FEED THEM, EMPLOY THEM, INTRODUCE THEM TO YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER. they never provide a retort.
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