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Full Version: ousted korean leader Park leaves her 9 dogs behind after removed from pres palace
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South Koreans angered after ousted leader Park Geun-hye leaves dogs behind

SEOUL, South Korea - It was hard to imagine that ousted President Park Geun-hye could get any more unpopular in South Korea — until she moved out of the presidential palace and left her nine dogs behind.

Just days after being removed from office by the Constitutional Court over a massive corruption scandal, an animal rights group accused Park of animal abandonment for not bringing the dogs with her.

Park’s neighbors had given her a pair of Jindo dogs, a Korean breed of hunting dogs, when she left for the presidential Blue House in 2013. The dogs recently gave birth to seven puppies, which are now considered too young to be separated from their mother, Kim Dong-jo, a Blue House spokesman, said Wednesday.

Kim said the dogs would continue to stay at the presidential palace until they’re ready to be sent to new owners. Park told staff members to take good care of the dogs before vacating the Blue House on Sunday, he said.

Kim Ae Ra, who heads the Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said the group filed a complaint Monday with South Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission over Park’s dogs. The commission then asked the National Police Agency to look into it. Officials from the police agency couldn’t immediately confirm how the case would be treated.


she is just in full shameless mode now. she could have at least pretended to bring the dogs with her and abandoned them later.
this bitch is pathetic

[Image: 636251499864692370-AP-SOUTH-KOREA-POLITI...537609.JPG]

she just put all south korean lives in danger by allowing Thaad to be installed in Korea.

i wonder what kind of dossier they have on her
Globalist filth.
very good write up about the whole ordeal. some left wing BS, but overall quite accurate.

you get the north korean japanese connection too:

The Mystical, Occult Underbelly of South Korea’s Fascism

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