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Full Version: Ahaha... In 2 Killer Tweets Trump Takes Out New Era DNC & Reappearing Hillary
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This stuff is pure genious & completely revolutionary for politics and for military/intel psychological warfare operations.

[Image: Screenshot_2017_02_28_04_12_07.png]

post not working. which tweets are you referring to
[Image: Screenshot_2017_02_28_04_12_07.png]

Reposted OP's picture, it's pretty much his latest Trump Tweets.

https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump - Go back 5 Tweets if you still can't see the picture.
(03-01-2017 02:56 AM)PUG-THUG Wrote: [ -> ]post not working. which tweets are you referring to

Huh... Showing for me. Here's the direct link. Is it working for you?

I'm finding that none of the features here work for me on my pc any more.

All I can do here now is post what I type, which makes John a a very dull boy.
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