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Full Version: New release movie titles. 2013 timeline
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I noticed ads for the new Star Trek and Thor movies, and both have a darkness theme in the title, so I looked to see if this, or the use of other possible code words, has been a trend throughout 2013, these are the movie titles and the respective month they were realeased in, probably nothing to see here, but maybe worth some quick analysis.


A Dark Truth

Gangster Squad


All Superheroes Must Die

Broken City


Dark Skies

The Gatekeepers

Stand Off

Escape From Planet Earth



Jack the Giant Slayer

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey


The Monk

The Girl

Tyler Perry's Temptation

The Silence

The End of Love


Beyond the Hills

Day of the Falcon

Oz: The Great and Powerful


Olympus Has Fallen



Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

Dark Circles

Evil Dead

The Angels' Share

6 Souls

No Place On Earth


Before Midnight

Midnight's Children

Assault on Wall Street

Desperate Acts of Magic

Something In The Air

Kiss of the Damned

Only God Forgives


Star Trek - Into Darkness

No One Lives


After Earth

The Kings of Summer


Thor:The Dark World
Omfg. Really puts things in perspective. Thanks prof
(05-11-2013 04:42 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Omfg. Really puts things in perspective. Thanks prof

It's probably nothing, I imagine that you can make any list of words look like something If you want to. However, the past year or so has shown me that the elite do seem to hide things in movie titles, character's names, maps, background scenes etc. So I thought i'd take a look at the titles, some of them did surprise me as to how appropriate they are for the times.
Is that a selected or full list?
(05-11-2013 04:56 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Is that a selected or full list?

Selected, there are others I could've included.

Its still remarkable. Seems like gloom and doom trolling

Also LOL I just noticed redneck's avatar

Much Ado About Nothing

The Iran Job



Dirty Wars

The Attack

White House Down


World War Z


Hammer of the Gods

Israel: A Home Movie

Dealing With Idiots

The Conjuring


Frankenstein's Army

The Act of Killing
I never figured out what your avatar was at
(05-11-2013 05:01 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Its still remarkable. Seems like gloom and doom trolling

Hahaha, man, that site isn't saying this, i'm the one doing the doom and glooming, I just used that site for the new release lists.

I'm going to keep going with the rest of the year, lol.
No i meant all the movie productions


One Direction: This is Us

The Colony

City of Bones

Ain't Them Bodies Saints


Prince Avalanche

Here Comes the Devil

I Give it a Year

The World's End


Battle of the Year

And While We Were Here

The Ultimate Life

Escape Plan

There really aren't enough movies listed yet for the rest of the year, but some definitely gloomy themes and titles amongst the new movies this year.
(05-11-2013 05:08 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]I never figured out what your avatar was at

A close up of a dog's nose?
it looks like a pit to hell..

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