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Full Version: Xi Jinping Promotes Globalism in wake of Trump's Presidency
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Reuters Wrote:Chinese President Xi to Promote Globalization at Davos
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China’s President Xi Jinping will promote “inclusive globalization” at this month’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and will warn that populist approaches can lead to “war and poverty”, Chinese officials said on Wednesday.

This year’s forum, from Jan. 17-20, is expected to be dominated by discussion of a surge in public hostility toward globalization and the rise of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, whose tough talk on trade, including promises of tariffs against China and Mexico, helped win him the White House. Trump will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

Xi is the first Chinese president to ever attend the WEF’s annual forum in Davos, which brings together top-level political and business leaders.

Jiang Jianguo, head of the State Council Information Office, told a symposium hosted by the World Trade Organization in Geneva that President Xi would go to Davos to push for development, cooperation and economic globalization in order to build “a human community with shared destiny.”

“With the rise of populism, protectionism, and nativism, the world has come to a historic crossroad where one road leads to war, poverty, confrontation and domination while the other road leads to peace, development, cooperation and win-win solutions,” Jiang said.
Comment Section Wrote:©Ħ@Ⓡ£€$ Ʊℒ¥$$€$ ₣€ℕ€¥?? P Smith • 3 hours ago
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A red communist butcher named Xi
Endorses globalism for thee
With hidden oppression
And open aggression
That yoke is for you, but not he.
pretty ironic since China has a very closed market to the outside world.

they want globalism in the sense that they don't want protectionism against Chinese goods.

Look at the tariffs for foreign goods and see how hard is it for foreigners to operate in China.
It does look like China and Russia may be parting ways afterall with Russia getting closer to Trump and other Western nationalist movements. Alex Jones mentioned this 2-3 years ago and it seemed like a joke then.
^ Is it possible that the Z.Big grand-chessboard game is still on? That a Nationalist surge in the West is the missing piece to wedge China and Russia apart, and create the great Siberian War of 2024?

I doubt it, but I'm going to keep that thought tucked away in the back of my mind as a possibility.
Russia won't fall for the cheap ploy imo.

The new strategy is to get close to Russia to eliminate China first. IF Russia is that dumb they deserve to be subverted.

the chess game is going to get very deep going forward.
Trump basically rode his entire campaign againot China.

Even in the press today he defended Russia then brought China out of nowhere as the bad guys. Literal deflection. We have been hacked from many sources... possibly China
It's clear that China plays both sides. They need NWO liberalism in the economic front, while at the same time they partner with Russia to protect their national sovereingty. That's what their authoritarian capitalism is all about. When the UN Security council was voting on sanctioning Russia during the Crimea crisis, China abstained but didn't outright veto the sanctions. Clearly sitting on the fence then.
What else is he going to say to the WEF?

China is where it is today largely due to long term strategies by the globalists.

It was created by the globalists so they could move all their manufacturing there.
let's not forget China bailed Russia out when the NWO shorted the hell out of OIL and GAS to disrupt Russia's economy. no to mention the sanctions.

if Russia plays it smart they will get on the US's good side while still maintaining good relations with China. they are neighbors and both suffered from western imposed communism.

but the psyop is also against the Russian people. the Russian people seem to like Trump so Putin may bend to their will. it's going to be very tricky.

this whole Russian BS seems sort of contrived to make Russia side with TEAM TRUMP that is denying and backing Russia against unfounded allegations. The psyops are getting very very deep.
(01-12-2017 02:53 PM)Redneck Wrote: [ -> ]What else is he going to say to the WEF?

China is where it is today largely due to long term strategies by the globalists.

It was created by the globalists so they could move all their manufacturing there.

China is sovereign, but heavily dependent on their exports.

At one point it was in the plan to include China in the NWO, but with the ascendancy of the Tsinghua Gang, the old NWO Shanghai Gang has been ousted. this is also why in the last few years we saw 1000s of politicians jailed for corruption in CHina. they were draining the swamp of NWO friendly Shanghai gang members.

the Tsinghua gang are technocratic and believe in meritocratic scientific corruption free govt. They are the better choice.

Also if China was in on it why do they ban western media and movies?

China just banned the NYT app in the app store a few days ago.

they protect the fuck out of their own market which is exactly what Trump is trying to do now in the US. China cannot blame the US for being protectionist.

CHina kicked UBER out of the country due to protectionist measures. heck even SOUNDCLOUD is banned even though it has no political content.

But who do I know.. I'm just a CHINA SHILL RIGHT? I'm just very objective. I don't take any sides. only the right side.

Overall China is a force for good, but they cannot stop the US from being protectionist. I support US protectionism.
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