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Quote:When the mind is split up and dissipated into countless varying thoughts, each individual thought becomes extremely weak and inefficient.

Quote:These controversies as to which is superior – Fate or Free-will – arise only to those who look not into the root of both. If one however knows the Self, the root and cause of both, one transcends both and will never again entertain thoughts of either.

Quote:even if one merely continuously repeats to oneself inwardly ‘I-I’ with the entire mind fixed thereon, that also leads one to the same source
Reading up on this guy.

A lot of what this guy says, reminds me of some of the stuff Dean posts.
Apparently this guy could radiate wisdom without saying a word.

His biggest thing was telling people to ask "who am I?"

not the narrative of you, but who you truly are.
his "Be As You Are" is a great, great book.
awesome is that your #1 recommendation?

heard some CT guys talking about this , so I got interested.
i wouldn't know how on earth this relates to CT, but these spiritual teachers speak (get through) to different people, and get through to people at different times in their life, so you really have to shop around continually.

All of them speak very directly, trying to get at the heart. By that I do not mean appeal to emotion. They try to get beyond your mental habits and usually speak as if those mental habits have already been broken.

They differ in terms of how much they get into and describe the traditions, in terms of style, and in terms of how intense they have decided to present things.

Spiritual awakening is a life-and-death situation. I do not need to get into this. It is the simplest thing but the most difficult for everyone, but unless you go through it ("go through it" being passive and active at the same time), and continuously, then you might as well be a Cartesian automaton, a passive billiard ball tossed around by forces and violently pounding into others without meaning until you die.

But some teachers will just pussyfoot around about how important it is, sugar-coating it for those afraid to jump in the deep waters, while others will tell you you are full of shit, that you are worthless unless you awake, that they would do anything and everything they possibly could, including immense violence, to you if there was some guarantee it would aid in your spiritual awakening, that everything you do is evil until you start doing it from the point of being awake, and so on.

Just as an example, one of my students could not get at all into a certain tibetan buddhist monk i recommended, because the rinpoche used lots of fanciful terms from his tradition like "taking hold of the spear of destiny" which that particular student associated with all the dungeons and dragons and videogames he liked, which he recognized as playing into his ego. interestingly, i never really noticed that kind of wording and found this teacher to be incredibly direct, harshly so, about the predicament i/you am/are in, but that's how it works. so he went on to other suggestions of mine, finally stopping at ouspensky's reworking of gurdjieff which he liked because it was very painfully direct and put things in simple language ("").

Another student couldn't deal with a certain indian mystic because he was too harsh - he presents everything that you've ever done in your life as a game you've been playing in order to avoid facing a spiritual awakening, basically tossing your life up until you've read the book into the garbage and saying "ok, let's start over." i do not prefer these students because i am always afraid they are just looking to play lots of ego games, but after a lot of reading and practice with these things, i've realized it just comes down to which teacher works for which student. when i presented him with the works of the above tibetan buddhist, his mind was blown and it helped him a lot.

one of my favorite gurdjieff anecdotes is when a kind of ex-student, we'll call him john, went up to him after some months or years apart, at a party, and the guy said that he had been really shaken up what gurdjieff had lectured about back then and that it had him worrying about his self-worth and it left him without an anchor to hold onto, and his speech was basically saying "what do you think of me?"

gurdjieff said "john, you're a nice guy."

john said "but what i got from those lectures is that a nice guy is basically a piece of shit!"

and gurdjieff laughed and walked away.
Wait yatsu, you're a spiritual teacher in japan?
something like that i suppose...

in my life, i generally tend to run into people that need some guidance in their life, it seems i attract them or vice versa, and i mentor them a little to get them on their way. it's part friend, part counselor and confession-taker, part psychoanalysis, part spiritual advisor.

on a side note, i used "students" in this thread in the kabbalistic sense, where two people enter into creating something together.

a jewish friend of mine that has been studying the kabbala for going on 30 years with a teacher, he also does linux education, and during those classes he often asks people to draw up two lists - the 5 traits of a good student and the 5 traits of a good teacher. then he asks everyone why their two lists are different lol.
(02-09-2013 07:39 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Reading up on this guy.

A lot of what this guy says, reminds me of some of the stuff Dean posts.

Thanks EY.

I practice the same religion...he's definitely a role model.
One interesting thing about the teacher-student relationship I usually talk to people about is the Japanese word for teacher - 先生 (sensei). The two characters mean "ahead of/previously/before" and "birth/life." Putting those meanings together, you get a meaning of "a person born before you." The word does not create a lopsided power arrangement. Instead, it simply means the person teaching you is someone that came before you, that in fact has been where you are.

Quote:The point being, the mind cannot really grasp the totality of what we call 'life' and 'death'.

It creates a lot of assumptions about 'life' and 'death' based on what it filters through the fives senses.

The Kingdom of Heaven? Nibbana?

Just pointers leading you to the purity of your non-dual Self.

In this state, it is possible to understand what we call 'death'.

From this perspective, it's just the release of a collection of ideas you have about yourself and merging with what might be called your Truest Self.

But what we might call the "Truest Self" is actually present right now.

Images in the mind cloud it up.

And so we come into confusion as to what we really are and create all kinds of mischief and misery in the world.

Water temporarily emerging as a wave and, eventually, a wave merging back into the ocean.

But, in reality, were the 'wave' and the 'ocean' ever really two separate things?

I would say they were just one thing temporarily creating the appearance two separate things.

Consciousness arises, wave arises.

My contention is that the 'real you' is prior to both consciousness or wave.

In this sense, we often say that we are 'No-Self'.

But this 'No-Self' is not really a nothing...it's just not something that can be understood in any meaningful way by the conscious mind.

When Buddha said, "Emptiness is form, form is Emptiness", this is what he was talking about.

When Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, I Am", this is what he was talking about as well.

Behind all these notions of life, death, me, I, myself, and other...this very truth about what we Are is operating quite naturally.

If it helps, think of the state of deep sleep.

the individual self and consciousness disappeared for a while, correct?

But can you say that 'you' disappeared?

Of course not.

It's just that the identification as a wave(though/body/consciousness) was erased and allowed to temporarily merge back into the ocean.

The merging from a wave back into the ocean while in the waking state is what some people might call "enlightenment" or "Union with God".

This shatters the illusion of 'ego' and the idea of this conditioned set of experiences as being 'the real you'.

Thanks EY.

When I started read the above, I began wondering who wrote it.

I have a horrible memory=)
You going New Age on us EY?

Next you'll be talking about Reptilians.
(02-11-2013 02:41 PM)Redneck Wrote: [ -> ]You going New Age on us EY?

Next you'll be talking about Reptilians.


nahh. I think this stuff has its place.

I am quite big on eastern philosophy etc.

but I just don't like how this stuff is being warped by occultists.
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