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Full Version: Managing Generation Y staff.
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Please stop by and share your thoughts on this matter.

Two things I struggle with are

1. These kids grew up on the net so instant gratification/recognition is a must or they LITERALLY start crying like babies. Fortnightly pay aint enough of a recognition for these idiots they need a “Pat on the back” for doing their fucking jobs.

2. You have to use a  in each bit of written communication or these overly sensitive fuckheads will take EVERYTHING you say as a criticism and again will cry like babies.

I hate them and I blame their baby boomer soft fat fuck parents for this shit. Bring back the strap as a form of punishment (Like I have) and watch them grow up properly.

I used to despise my dad for beating the snot out of me but now that I am older and can appreciate how hard his life was and how much of a cunt I was I want to thank him for it one day.
Also anyone with any tested strategies for managing Gen Y Man-Childs please, Im all ears.
for satan you sure are one emotive fucker

lighten up, you are not what you do at work
I spend the majority of my waken life in this place, it is a large part of who I am.

sorry you have that "feeling"

That isnt how I have ever looked at work

try to change your own perception "these are feelings, they are not me satan"

try that and abdominal breathing when you feel stress
Nah you are missing the point, how did we go from a "I owe my employer" mind set society to one where "My employer owes me above and beyond what my contract of employment stipulates" Society.

Its because of you baby boomers What!
There is no cure for their faggotry. As far as I am concerned, their generation in the West may be the last to enjoy a fully 1st world standard of living for quite some time. Especially with rampant illegal immigration from Mexico in the US, and Islamic immigration to Europe.

Look at California already, vast swaths of the state look like a 3rd world shithole, no kidding. And yet these libtards are SERIOUSLY contemplating giving free health care to illegal immigrants. Is this a sick joke?

East Asia will hold on for a while longer, but it too will perish as long as these effeminate "flower boys" continue not to have children.

I mean even an epidemic of BASTARD children would be better than this. Just get some girls pregnant for Christ's sake!

Oh well. But that's what happens with urbanization.
AT have you ever done one of the following?

Streaked your hair?

Permed your hair?

Worn a scarf outside of the snow storm?
No, no, and HELL no.

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Our fucking old asses STATE MANAGER has resorted to sending emails with Smile shit in it because he read an article about how these kids grew up on the net and this is how they communicate.

If there is an NWO out there listening, thank you for creating the most retarded generation since we stood upright.
I like wearing scarves, in my bag. Then I pull it out when I rob someone

Smile Smile Smile
ha ha

*adjusts indoor scarf
Wow. That video is sick. Total emotional manipulation
Where did the names Generation X, Generation Y come from? Is Generation Z the last generation?
Not sure I guess after gen Z it will be Gen A1?
There will be no generation of true men after gen Z. All is f*ggot. The world is doomed.

Hellfire awaits us all.

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