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Full Version: HTC One vs. Samsung S4
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Does anyone here have either phone? Or any tech geeks wanna weigh in on what one I should get?

I've been reading comparisons and the general impression is that the HTC has a slight lead for the design and Dre Beats speakers.

It seems to me that the biggest advantage of the S4 is upgradable memory to 64g while the One is like the iphone.
Been comparing to on what i have read :

hTc better build, materials look

S4 faster, more features

S4 bigger battery but lot of tests have hTc with longer life, others dont, confusing

S4 removable, replaceable battery, this is a big plus as far as i am concerned, think lot of other brands that are non apple are missing boat by not doing this

hTc stronger in smash tests

S4 more expensive

I was considering either or sony xepira z, but on s2 here now and jellybean update is fantastic led to me keeping this for longer until next gen of phones

Disappointed in sony z battery life and smudge greasy screens case from reviews otherwise with water resist etc would be the one.

They really have to start looking at battery life at expense of features and pixels, 1 day is seen as good on smart phones, it shouldnt be

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Thanks for the reply, Calo.

The One is a prettier phone but, it really looks like an iphone knockoff. So the plus sorta becomes a negative. I do like the aluminum casing, although the S4 with an aftermarket case will be just a strong.

The other negative is that you have to spend $300 for the 64 gig version of the One, wheras I can get the standard S4 for $199 and buy a 64 gig card for under $50 and save $$$.

Plus, if I'm discussing things I'd rather not have the John Q Law snooping on, the removable battery is nice on the Galaxy as it's proven that spy software will still work as long as the battery is plugged into the phone.

Even if it's powered off and the battery is dead.

Leaning toward the S4 unless someone can get me a chinese One since I hear they have removable battery and upgradable memory.
[Image: galaxy-s4-vs-htc-one-cnet.jpg]

sony xpeira z vs iPhone 5

[Image: Sony_Xperia_Z_vs_Apple_iPhone_5.png]
HTC: VASTLY superior build quality and design

SAMSUNG: Far more versatile. Expandable memory slot (up to 64 gb) , removable battery, faster processor, etc.

If HTC had Samsung's features I'd go for the ONE in a heartbeat. Too bad, because I have over 50 gb of music and video on my galaxy s3, and 10 gb worth of documents (no joke).

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There are monster batteries for the S3 that can last you 15 hrs or more with continuous usage. You don't get this option for most other smartphones.

Alternatively, you can carry a bunch of batteries with you and charge Em up at the same time. A bit cumbersome, but a long battery life is a must have if you use your phone a lot at work.

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yep I have a 3500 whateva the thing is called battery on my sII, the one it came with was like a 1800, the s4 has a 2600, while I think the one has a 2000, I should google what the measurement is called, but that would involve opening another tab, typing it, far too much effort when I could type about it here complaining that I dont know what it is, but ability to chuck on a huge battery is very useful, espcially as batteries on anything do eventually start to fade, if its non replaceable then might as well junk the phone.
I will be getting the S4 at the end of the month. I really like the camera on it although i'm sure the others are just as good.
I have an IPhone 5, part of me wishes I got the S4 though.
[Image: 220px-Nokia_5110.jpg]

Im rocking one of these Art Deco stylez
HTC has the best build quality out of the top 3 brands.

however I think samsung has the best innards.

apple has the best UI
I like the looks of the sonys but they are too lightweight IMO.

I like the nice weighted feel of HTC, but I like the design of Sony.

can't have it all I guess.
HTC phones are built like a tank. This I know from experience.

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CPU: quad-core, 1.7GHz

That phone has better specs than my laptop.
I'm happy with the new rotary phone/land line deal I just scored.

The phone company even threw in a calandar!
(05-09-2013 05:01 PM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]I'm happy with the new rotary phone/land line deal I just scored.

The phone company even threw in a calandar!

LOL Ive got a wall mounted one, cutting edge shit bro.
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