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Full Version: If you could converse w/ 1 person from History + Truth Serum
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Hey all

You have an absolute infallible truth-serum, making the victim pleasant and docile, happy to converse, and totally incapable of telling lies.

You also have a 1-time-only opportunity to use my Time Machine to travel anywhere in history + inject it into whoever you want for a day (you will have a team of ninjas to kidnap your selected individual)

Who would you use it on?

Would you go back just a few years to chat with Dick Cheney? Or go back a few decades further, and yak it up with Winston Churchill or Hitler? Or would you go even further than that, and extract the real deal behind someone like Francis Bacon, or Akhenaten? Who would you like most to get the TRUTH from?

(warning: please keep in mind that if you say for example some mythical or religious figure, you must account for the possibility that such a character may not have actually existed, in which case you have wasted the opportunity)

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^^ Did the Keshe Foundation make that Time Machine?

Joking aside, I want to hear what Allen Dulles would have to say for himself. Going too far back into history would be too mindbending. But if you could drag the truth out of Allen Dulles, the house of cards that is post-war America would come crashing down pretty quick.
I would use it to go see Jesus as he taught the gospel.
pilgrim didn't read the warning

good call for AA

Keshe did not make the time machine. It was given to me by a mysterious source. Works great but a few limitations. I've made 2 jumps so far, its kind of hard on the brain
You can use it on living people too if you like I suppose, the ninjas still get paid and you save yourself the risk of using the machine
(11-05-2016 02:56 AM)Masato Toys Wrote: [ -> ]pilgrim didn't read the warning

good call for AA

Keshe did not make the time machine. It was given to me by a mysterious source. Works great but a few limitations. I've made 2 jumps so far, its kind of hard on the brain

Quote:pilgrim didn't read the warning

Silly comment since historically Jesus is recognized as having existed. Even Muslims recognize him in history.
William Averall Harriman. I bet he had inside info on every single head of the NWO hydra.

I would also learn the truth about the Soviet Union, Hitler, and post war America. Mao's China as well. Harriman had his claws sunk in everywhere.
Quran was written >500 years after the supposed time of Christ.

I'm not saying he was real or not... just giving the warning of the possibility, you don't get a second go if nobody's there

(I really should make a waiver form)
I'd go back in time one week inject Hillary with it and record everything to put on YouTube.
Samuel Oppenheimer

I'd like to know what connection, if any, that Ashkenazi Court Jews have to the Venetian banking families, and if they were truly converts to Judaism or if they were crypto-Jew descendants from Josephus Flavian of the Roman empire. I think I already know the answers, but I'd like to fill in some history in-between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance.
After much thought I think I will go have a talk with Hitler circa the end of the war. Its about as far back I think as one can go where the findings would still be relevant in 2016, would put a lot in perspective. I've long thought the story we were all taught is a very skewed version of WWII written exclusively by the victors. Would absolutely love to hear the tale from the other side
Would your choice change if you could RECORD VIDEO of the truth-serum session, and upload it to the net?

ie: difference between learning Truth for personal understanding vs gathering something to bring back and show the world?
This is obviously a hard choice, I appreciate all opinions as I have to make a decision by Sunday 11:11pm

If you couldn't bring back some sort of evidence how would you know whether you used a time machine or it was some sort of weird DMT trip?
Polaroid cameras work, I have a several photos.
Digital equipment however does not (I was warned about this by the guy who gave it to me).
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