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Full Version: Jodi Arias Verdict
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The jury's been out since Friday.


Could you imagine a hung jury after all that?

If she doesn't get murder one, no one should. Bitch be cray cray.

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Really? No one cares?

If this girl gets away with this, I will go on record and say there's no hope for humanity.
Quote:The jury is still out in the murder trail of Jodi Arias. On May 7, the jury entered the second day of discussions, where they will attempt to decide on a guilty or not guilty verdict.
Jodi Arias‘ fate is currently in the jury’s hands. She could go to jail for life or get the death penalty if she is found guilty of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander. Jodi is accused of stabbing and shooting her boyfriend, and after one full day of deliberations on May 6, the jury failed to reach a verdict. Read on for all the details.

No Verdict Reached At Jodi Arias Murder Trial
Jodi, 32, is on trial for the murder of her ex boyfriend, who was found dead in his shower in Phoenix, AZ, in 2008. He had been shot, stabbed multiple times and had his throat slashed from ear to ear. Four months after this trial began, there is still no person found guilty of killing him.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens gave the case to the jurors on May 3 before adjourning the court for the weekend. The jury left without a verdict on May 6, and they will resume deliberations today, reports Reuters.

The judge told jurors that they could consider the charges of first and second degree murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter, and they must reach a unanimous verdict.

Closing Arguments At Jodi Arias Trial
During the closing arguments, prosecutor Juan Martinez said that Jodi was a calculated killer, and he asked the jury to return a verdict of first degree murder.

“Nothing indicates that this is anything less than a slaughter.”

Jodi’s defense attorney Kirk Nurmi argued that Jodi was abused by Travis, and they had a relationship of “sex, lies, and dirty little secrets.”

He asked the jury to consider manslaughter as an alternate to murder: if she is “guilty of anything at all,” he said, “it is the crime of manslaughter.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Jodi will be found guilty or not guilty?
people are used to this already. women getting away with murder, with life damaging false rape accusations.

getting lesser sentences.

It's evil stuff. IT's not equality.
This girl is a full on headcase that's loving the publicity she got for planning to kill poor Travis.

He was a good Mormon that liked to have sex and couldn't see spending the rest of his life with her, so she murdered the fuck out of him.

Planned out all out and everything.

I cannot believe deliberation has taken this long.
what do you think?

you think she gets off with manslaughter?
what a sinister look

[Image: 050613_springer_arias_640.jpg]


she is claiming he bodyslammed her and she killed him in self defense.

you don't stab someone 30 times then finish him off with a shot to the forehead in "self defense"
She tried to cut his head off too, just for fun.

I do think there's a very real possibility of a hung jury now because it's taken so long.

If she gets anything less than murder one, bros everywhere better be scared for their lives.
They got it right.

Murder in the First Degree.

[Image: i_awesome3.jpg]
She just spoke for herself. Showed some pictures of dudes she banged and said she shouldn't get the death penalty because by serving life instead she could:

1. donate hair
2. teach people to read (but then she'd kill them)
3. design t-shirts

This girl is trippy. If she doesn't deserve death, no one does.

The whole morning session was about 12 minutes of Jodi Arias talking and some of the judges instructions to the jury - maybe another 15 minutes.

Now they're on a 90 minute lunch. It will start again at 1:15 in Arizona, or just over an hour from now.

Here's a livestream if anyone wants to tune in: CBS Livestream - restarts at 1:15pm Arizona time
things are turning around in the world.

the realization is happening.

watch the vid. she is VERY manipulative.
she is not even hot like people say. Ugly face, bad complexion. She doesn't even look that good when her lawyers tried hard to make her look hot.
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