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Full Version: The Next Presidential Debate will be...
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...Presidential Debate Oct 9 Washington University (St. Louis) 9-10:30 PM ET.

I predict it will have as big numbers as the first one???!!!

And the fireworks will be out since Clinton will be go after the jugular and try for the knockout punch???!!!

There 'll be a third debate regardless, but I think a lot of the chips will be in this pot, and they will try to win it as if it was a final hand, a last gamble???!!!

Well it looks like an October Surprise came and was a good one???!!!
...and that's tomorrow, and for some, today???!!!

A lot will be riding on this???!!!

Some will think this is Trump's last chance...to pull victory from defeat???!!! Others will be say he will be strong and the fight will continue???!!!

Perhaps Clinton will be over-confident and lose this debate so the that the third debate, to use a boxing term again, will be the rubber match???!!!
I don't watch fixed fights.

And I'm quickly losing interest in rigged elections.
(10-09-2016 04:15 PM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]I don't watch fixed fights.

And I'm quickly losing interest in rigged elections.
Yup could be a Las Vegas fight, with the referee and judges ready to give the decision even before the fight has started???!!!! The commentators will be amazed, asking what the judges were looking at, as if they were looking at a different fight. And the referee will favor one fighter over the other, giving warnings and maybe deducting points for imagined fouls???!!!

A TKOed Clinton might still be awarded the decision???!!!
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