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Full Version: Hoisted by his own petard???!!!
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Isn't that a great picture???!!! One that denotes clearly the guilty mischief???!!! The others around are looking at him, conferring on him the obvious guilt, and that look: head down with only his eyes upraised trying to hide the culpability but instead accentuating more than 100% deserved blame???!!!

[Image: blue-jays-fan-bottle.jpg]

And this guy is extending his misery by trying to deny he was the culprit instead of apologizing immediately with the sincerest repentance, and promised to atone for the incident while immediately going to alcohol rehab (where nobody can get at him) while he gets the time necessary for people to forget...instead he's making the story go longer, and most likely his punishment worse???!!!!
This photo is today's LAST SUPPER...all are frozen in their expressions...some are dismayed, the one in the bottom left hand corner like the Apostle James raises his hands in surprise and denial, others have one hand raised as if asking what just happened and wanting an explanation, most are looking at the (the focal point of this photo) perpetrator, others are looking away and others have looks of incredulity on their faces???!!!

In this case though, the perp is more Judas than Jesus and his look of deep guilt gives him away...
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