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Full Version: Trump and Cuba, another avenue of attack???!!!
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Looks like they're trying to find some good dirt on Trump???!!!

As for Cuba before the walls went down, I think a lot of American companies and individuals were looking into ways of making money and trade with Cuba even when it was illegal to do so, since they knew the walls would go down one day and they could do business legally???!!!

Look at all the Cuban cigars that were gotten and smoked even when the embargo was at full force???!!!

And now they're attacking Gary Johnson probably because he'll take more votes away from Clinton than Trump???!!!

Looks like CNN want him out or severely damaged???!!!

And Hillary has brought back Bernie Sanders, because she was slipping in the millennials vote.

"A more ominous fact for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is that young voters appear to be moving away from her, showing increasing willingness to back a third-party candidate."

They've been stockpiling all of these things for the final stretch of the race. The attacks on women, the birther thing, Cuba, the Trump Foundation not being legit, his taxes...etc, etc, etc.

It's now a non-stop barrage of attacks on Trump from Obama, Biden, Michelle Obama, the entire left media and half of the right media, and everyone in between.

How one man can withstand such an attack is almost beyond my comprehension. The establishment is using heavy fire now, and Trump doesn't seem to be defending all that effectively.
Trump said that the reason why he didn't bring up Bill Clinton's sexual assaults is because he didn't want to upset Chelsea. Someone needs to slap some sense into Trump.
Who remembers any first debate? Trump knows what he's doing.
Hillary continuing on the attack???!!!

(10-02-2016 08:48 AM)ba_dass Wrote: [ -> ]Hillary continuing on the attack???!!!

To use the boxing analogy again, Clinton has Trump on the ropes and looks like Trump is covering up and can't do anything for right now???!!!
And now a female reporter remembers a slur from Trump from '80s???!!!

And CNN (via a New York Times report) is still on the attack???!!!

And tonight Alec Baldwin and SNL will their part on Trump???!!!

And here's another angle of attack???!!!

They are really unloading the big guns now.
I heard bill Maher yesterday, he was bashing trump pretty hard too.
The New York Times has rolled out the big stuff...a mighty offensive in the last stages of this electoral war???!!!

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