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Full Version: Not a good idea to to go in a shooting stance against police...
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...even when you don't have a gun. Classic suicide by cop. I think the police should get ahead of this and have announcements, even though it's obvious, to obey instructions by the police; don't kid around by keeping your hands concealed and certainly don't pretend to have a gun. And even if you have a toy gun, the police don't know that so don't pull it out in the presence of an officer???!!! It's SO obvious but they still do it???!!!

[Image: 160928013312-el-cajon-police-shooting-large-169.jpg]
That was pretty stupid of the guy but it sounded like he was going through emotional/mental issues.

If we have learned nothing else, know this; If a loved one is struggling mentally or emotional...DON'T call the police. They seem to only have one solution to all problems.
My friend's elderly bi polar aunt has been severely beaten and jailed by the police on numerous occasions.

Never call the police.
Yup, US police don't seem to have a non-lethal response to those with mental health issues...and those with mental health issues are more prevalent than ever, especially with the young, the homeless and those that refuse to take their medication. There needs to be a national debate as to how to deal with this issue since the police seem to not discriminate between the truly dangerous the and truly dangerous only to themselves???!!!
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