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Full Version: 'Keeping It Feel: How Liberals Wage War on Reality'
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Keeping It Feel: How Liberals Wage War on Reality

September 9, 2016 — 19 Comments
Tobias Langdon
That’s precisely why his opponents didn’t respond with reasoned argument. They couldn’t question his facts or his logic, so they resorted immediately to the tried-and-trusted liberal tactic of “Point and Shriek.” To liberals, reality does not matter. They think politics should be run purely on emotions. If they don’t like an idea, they shout it down rather than attempt to refute it.

So true, lol.
Good piece
Feelism, I love it!

Great write up. shockingly real.
What drives these people?

Has anyone ever answered WHY diversity is good?

What makes it good? Nobody can explain or justify it.

Diversity kills.
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