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Full Version: Post Your Favorite Album Covers
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[Image: My+Sharona+The+Knack.png]
[Image: article-3640-klaatu-316est_large.jpg]
[Image: l.jpg]

[Image: 2-1.jpg]
[Image: cd-cases-250x250.jpg]
[Image: rolling-stones-goat-head-soup-1157.jpg]
[Image: prince-lovesexy(3).jpg]
[Image: dangerous.jpg]
[Image: amdvdr.jpg]
[Image: 0025ee4c_medium.jpeg]
[Image: all-is-full-of-love-5011653acbaf7.jpg]
[Image: ledzepp4b.jpg]

[Image: gatefold_4th_album_from_led_zeppelin.jpg]
[Image: Byrds_sweetheartoftherodeo-1.jpg]
[Image: Rust_in_Peace.jpg]
^ HAHAHAH. I had that cassette.

Dave Mustaine is now anti-NWO
Dave is also now retarded and born againSad
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