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Full Version: Another Deadly Brush with The Clintons
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ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead


Yeah the body count is piling up on the road to the general.

clinton body count is something that everyone needs to investigate. it truly is very high
Wow, this was leaked a couple of days ago, but most people thought it was referring to the last guy they bumped.
(08-07-2016 11:44 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]clinton body count is something that everyone needs to investigate. it truly is very high

It goes all the way back to their Arkansas Governor days.
Can we officially just name it the Clinton Cartel?
The Clintons are at 6 dead in the last two months I think.





Hillary lies, people die.

But the media's not talking about that. Un-Fucking-Believable

"The Clinton Cartel is at 6 dead in the last two months I think."
Bill is hanging on by a thread. He was supposed to help her campaign.

[Image: 16clinton.jpg?w=500]

He looks worse than she does, and that is saying something.

1) Shawn Lucas, Sanders supporter who served papers to DNC on the Fraud Case (DOD August 2, 2016)

2) Victor Thorn, Clinton author (and Holocaust denier, probably the least credible on this list) shot himself in an apparent suicide. Conspiracy theorists at Mystery Writers of America said some guys will do anything to sell books. (DOD August, 2016)

3) Seth Conrad Rich, Democratic staffer, aged 27, apparently on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was not a robbery. (DOD July 8, 2016)

4) John Ashe, UN official who allegedly crushed his own throat while lifting weights, because he watched too many James Bond films and wanted to try the move where the bad guy tries to…oh, never mind. “He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.” (DOD June 22, 2016)

5) Mike Flynn, the Big Government Editor for Breitbart News. Mike Flynn’s final article was published the day he died, “Clinton Cash: Bill, Hillary Created Their Own Chinese Foundation in 2014.” (DOD June 23, 2016)
It must be coincidence, right?
[Image: LhyN2Ik.png]
Nothing suspicious about Peter Smith's suicide. How do I know? His suicide note said "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER." Just because he exposed Troopergate and was in contact with 5 hacker groups which claimed that they had Clinton's missing emails is no reason to suspect Clinton involvement.
And here Clinton betweens two Bushes???!!!

[Image: 170714092323-bill-clinton-bush-statues-exlarge-169.jpg]
^^^ That photo is from the press conference that G.W Bush and Bill Clinton held at the Bush library.

Two criminals acting like they were honorable Presidents and saying that Trump is the Devil.

[Image: Clinton-Bush-Getty.jpg]
Haiti official shot in the head. Economic development planner and co-owner of a PIZZA joint.
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