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Full Version: Japanese Media Uses Crisis Actors
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(image translated by google)
[Image: gghFbdV.png]
EY is Japanese, no?

He should be able to translate that better.
japan is filled to the brim with western NGOs that are probably planning out fake media events. wouldn't be surprised

[Image: Pp7wf2s.gif]
usually when they use very attractive people it could be indicative of crisis acting

this girl is pretty hot by japanese standards

[Image: Br-4TlFCIAE5IVs.jpg-large.jpg]
this is evidence of them recycling the same actor.

[Image: xLeV2lL.jpg]

NOTE: this stuff is not about the recent stabbing but just fake news actors in general

the girl in the OP was used to talk about the sweltering heat enveloping asia atm
definitely the same person

pernicious j-media is recycling news actors

[Image: qs2_bor.jpg]
same people used in diff. events

these people are all identical.

[Image: 4f7727ef-444x500.jpg]
tbh a lot of the assertions of "same actors used" in western events are mostly bullshit. prob 95% bs

asians are new to the game of hoaxed events and crisis acting
Someone told me that Zainichi/Koreans control the majority of Japanese media, and that's why they recently passed anti-discrimination laws to stop people from criticizing the media dominance of ethnic Koreans in Japan television, news, etc. It there any truth to that?
They all look the same anyway, sheesh
yes ethnic koreans were utilized by the allies after WW2 to control their newly acquired colony. they look the same as Japanese yet held animosity for the host nations. perfect people to use as high level managers

in US schools they teach the kids that koreans are 2nd class citizens in Japan. in reality they control much of Japanese entertainment and industry
Quote:It takes to trick the viewer, to induce the people of public opinion in a scripted interview, TV stations intending to overthrow the brainwashing or not than a too much pride arrogance. Japanese people is not so much a fool.

yes asians imo are more resistant to the brainwashing. most will accept this as pure hooey

in the US you show people clear crisis acting and they think you are the cuckoo for pointing out the obvious
Thank for translating for me, EY.

full page of japanese conspiracy theories.. of particular interest is Japan's phony jury system

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