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Full Version: devastating. ben carson calls out LUCIFER at RNC lol
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amazing Ben Carson. should have been the VP

i think i like him better than Trump. More consistent and he uses spiritually fortified language

this spooks the controllers
the libtards are frothing at the mouth now HAHAHAHAHA

calling out the devil, lucifer etc. is EXACTLY the type of talk that is needed to wake people up. people are subconsciously scared of these entities
He draws a long bow by trying to connect Hillary to some obscure reference in a book written by someone else.

That would be like quoting Obama's mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski on Globalism and saying that Obama has the same views, oh wait....

Seriously though, he is reaching with this. He probably could have found better evidence if he wants to show her Luciferian side.
Thankfully he is guaranteed a cabinet position if Trump wins.
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